PSN SuperHero Sale

#1 Posted by SupesDupes (16 posts) -

Eh O!

Just a quick note for everyone in case you didn't check out PSN, but Injustice Ultimate Edition is on for $8.40, a steal!


#2 Posted by Nodima (1487 posts) -

Yep, I got that and Batman Origins. I've heard the story in Origins is legitimately the best of the series, it's just some manner repetition and odd gameplay restrictions (like the height of Batman's flight as seen in the Quick Look) that hold it back. Excited to play it, I loved City. I'll probably pick up Asylum even though I've seen most of it played I've never played it.

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Xbox Live is having a very similar sale but it's crazy how much better the PSN deals are. $3.75 for Marvel vs. Capcom origins on PSN versus $7.49 on XBL. Not to mention PSN has better games listed.

Anyone know why Injustice Ultimate Edition isn't available for Xbox 360? It's not on the Xbox Games Store or at any physical retailer (in Canada).

#4 Posted by Tobyus (110 posts) -

this super hero sale, is it just for US, UK and/or Canada? I cant seem to find those bargains on my PS4. Eu, Sweden

#5 Posted by Jazz (2322 posts) -

@tobyus: Our sale is next week apparently but I grabbed Injustice a couple of months ago on sale for ps4 on psn so you've probably missed the boat on that one. Anyway our prices are like 50-100% more expensive so it's usually best to have a US account and buy the cards on anyway..what I do.

#6 Posted by bwheeeler (660 posts) -

Anyone played Injustice on the Vita? Seems like it might be fun on there. (Only really interested in single-player stuff.)

#7 Posted by MooseyMcMan (11934 posts) -

Pretty great deal for Injustice! Already bought it, but haven't had a chance to play because of Destiny. Soon, though.

#8 Posted by Nodima (1487 posts) -

I was about to go to sleep without taking advantage of those Asylum and Origins deals. I've been real curious about the story of Origins since Evan Narcisse's (or whoever on Kotaku) reviews, and so many people say Asylum is better than City despite my experience with City being nearly perfect that I have to check it out.

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