Reaction-cast for the PS4 conference (Lincolncast/etc crew)

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Hey all.

If you're not already sick of PS4 stuff and like long-form content, then perhaps you would like to check this out. Myself and @Dourin, co-hosts of the GB Community podcasts The Lincolncast and The Scotchcast wanted to sit down and talk about our reactions to the press conference held yesterday.

Tune in for a 4+ hour rundown of the entire conference, pretty much point by point, discussing almost all of the announcements, clips and demos made along the way. What should you expect to hear in that 4h?

  • Myself incorrectly calling all the other recent Sony events shit. They were pretty good now that I think back to it, but I was caught in the moment.
  • Complaining about the extreme lack of Jack Tretton
  • How the event compares to the Xbox 360 MTV launch event.
  • Chronological (pretty much) discussion of the entire event.
  • Closing thoughts, thoughts on the public reaction thus far.
  • Finally, given what we know now, what our predictions for the price are.

Just to warn you before hand, we really really liked the event, so if you want to hear two people bashing on Sony for 4h for whatever reason, look elsewhere.


Podcast Page (you can stream it here, since I can't embed html streaming code anymore apparently)

Direct Download

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Cool, sounds long but will try to check it out this afternoon!

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@aquamarin: Oh god yeah, probably the longest thing we've done - I guess we were all the way hyped from the event. I certainly was.

Anyway, hope you enjoy the ep.

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