Rumour: PS4 could launch in October

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#51 Posted by Morrow (1870 posts) -

The sooner the better I guess :]

Makes waiting with my purchase even harder though :[

#52 Edited by Chibithor (584 posts) -

@rebgav: Don't know, doesn't sound like it. But the Watch Dogs quote is from their press release, so unless something changes they should be able to deliver on the PS4 bundles at least. Whether it's an Xbone launch title or not I have no idea.

#53 Edited by Vertrucio (153 posts) -

I don't think Sony even knows their hard release date if their components are just being shipped to them this month. You can bet they're aiming to release as early as possible though. They learned their lesson about price, and they probably learned their lesson about releasing before your competitor.

#54 Posted by Niall1800 (11 posts) -

Hopefully they won't have any hardware problems if they really are trying to rush the system out.

#55 Posted by Sooty (8195 posts) -

I just hope I don't get robbed carrying my new shiny PS4 on the train and back to my university residence.

#56 Edited by CommanderGermanShepard (309 posts) -

Seems about right, Sony will really focus on being out first. After the last generation coming second out the gates really hurt them at first.

#57 Posted by captain_clayman (3345 posts) -

I'm down! I have the money right now, the less time I have to save it, the better.

#58 Posted by Blastroid (290 posts) -
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#60 Edited by Nictel (2651 posts) -

So will they announce this at TGS or earlier? Would be exactly a month then.

#61 Posted by SMGBlanket (23 posts) -

As long as Watch Dogs and COD Come out early for PS4 if the PS4 Launches before the Current-Gen Ones I am all for it

#62 Posted by Vertrucio (153 posts) -

A month is a bit too short. So, I'm betting that at the end of August for GamesCom they'll announce the release date for Europe, along with the US.

If they wait to announce until TGS, then most likely it'll be the usual November release.

#63 Posted by TheHT (12202 posts) -

Somebody stop Sony. At this rate their bloodlust won't be satisfied.


#64 Posted by Yadilie (390 posts) -

@theht: Nintendo is too busy tripping over all the Mario games they're releasing.

#65 Posted by Lexus2jz (93 posts) -

Honestly this Gen launching a month earlier don't mean much. In the world of pre-orders we live in now people getting their pre-orders a month sooner don't mean nothing, except that they will get to play their games sooner. It's not like people will switch their pre-orders because PS4 is launching 20+ days earlier. The chances of being able to walk into Wal-Mart and buy a PS4 without having a pre-order in the 20 day span between the two system launches is slim. This just means I get my PS4 before my XB1 comes.

#66 Posted by Humanity (11122 posts) -

Just in time for my Birthday, perfect. Why not treat myself to a brand new PS4 and ..Killzone 4? .. :^{

#67 Posted by Krakn3Dfx (2701 posts) -

So if the PS4 launches before COD:Ghosts comes out, will they release Ghosts for the PS4 at on the regular launch day, or will they hold the PS4 version for the XBO launch?

This is just one example, I'm curious to see how these split gen titles come out across the board, Watch Dogs isn't scheduled for release until sometime in November, there are Watch Dogs/PS4 bundles out there, so if Sony released the PS4 in October, would the PS4 version just drop first?

Also, man, I really wanna play some Watch Dogs.

#68 Posted by Lava (725 posts) -

It would be fantastic if the PS4 came out in October. It would be a huge blow to Microsoft and would give Sony more time to get units back on shelves in time for Black Friday if they sell out like gangbusters. I would love to see the fight go down like that.

#69 Posted by SSully (4585 posts) -

@zornack said:

Watch_Dogs has a 360/PS3 release date of late November, no next gen release date yet. There's a WD PS4 day 1 bundle on Amazon. Could WD end up being a 1-month exclusive for the PS4, or does its current-gen November release date signify that the PS4 won't actually ship until then?

If the PS4 comes out before those dates then either Amazon will hold off on shipping the bundle until the game is out, or ship you the console when it is released and the game when it's released. Those dates have no bearing on the release of the console.

#70 Posted by Yadilie (390 posts) -

@krakn3dfx: Unless the consoles launch in the same week one of them is going to be selling those multi-plats earlier than the other. Now a month early would be crazy especially for something that got so much hype 2 E3's running.

#71 Posted by Lexus2jz (93 posts) -

Also Microsoft has only said November window so if Sony did go in late October they could just go Nov. 1st. This rumor is pretty much means nothing.

#72 Edited by The_Laughing_Man (13807 posts) -

@lexus2jz: where did MS day November? I recall holiday.

And again Sony MS. Black Friday duel release. Make it happen.

#73 Posted by Lord_Xp (648 posts) -

Rumors around the interwebs that Sony will announce the launch date at Gamescom. It makes sense to do that anyways. But thats over a Month still.

#74 Edited by Vertrucio (153 posts) -

That rumor is probably not based on any facts. Rather, Gamescom just happens to be the next best place to announce the release date.

#75 Posted by Deranged (1899 posts) -

@lexus2jz: where did MS day November? I recall holiday.

Microsoft announced November release date during their E3 conference, Sony was the one who stated Holiday. Jack Tretton even confirmed that in his latest "Up at Noon" interview with Greg Miller.

#76 Posted by GERALTITUDE (4101 posts) -

Nah that's too nuts. TOO NUTS.

#77 Edited by Seppli (11233 posts) -

The sooner, the better. Circumstances permitting of course. Guess that'd be around 3 million boxes for each of the 3 major markets on the shelves by then, and having a steady stream of new boxes coming off the production line. Ensuring intial sales hit critical mass, and that supply can sufficiently feed into demand.

If Sony manages this coupe, all bets are off.

#78 Posted by AnotherSomebody (189 posts) -

I'd be into it.

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