So did you like the PS4 meeting?

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Poll: So did you like the PS4 meeting? (535 votes)

yes 87%
meh 11%
nope 2%
#151 Posted by kagato (1137 posts) -

@tenebre said:

@kagato: Sony's official specs state it's x86-64. So yeah, it's 64-bit.

I stand corrected, that makes a lot more sense though i wonder why it wasnt shown on the big slide they had up at the time. Regardless, im feeling a bit more confident in the specs now, all we need now is to see some real games running on it at E3 before i decide if im going to put some cash down for it or not ^_^

#152 Edited by ExplodeMode (851 posts) -

I was really impressed with all of the Mark Cerny segment. They said a lot of the right stuff when I think a lot of people were, knives out, expecting some company killing face plant.

Overall, pretty impressed and wondering what they held back for E3. But also kind of nervous that there is some big negative we don't know about yet.

#153 Posted by Nightriff (6582 posts) -

Finally got a chance to watch it yesterday, unfortunately it was with commentary but nonetheless I thought it was fantastic, exactly what I wanted to see, really, really enjoyed it.

#154 Posted by Atwa (899 posts) -

I don't think it needed to be two hours, first half was good. Cerny tech talk and then a few demos. No games got me super excited, the hardware sounds good but again I am still not super excited. I am aware it was the very first showing but Sony will still have to work hard.

#155 Posted by ArtelinaRose (1957 posts) -

Yus I deed. It makes me excited for new consoles and I thought I wouldn't care at all going into it. Just having something new is exciting. I didn't realize it until they started talking about all of this modern stuff they wanted to do with the ps4 that I've had my 360 since I was fourteen years old. I was in junior high. I can legally drink now. It is about darn time we get something new, and the potential for video games to grow from here when I think about it is enough to make my bones tingle.

#156 Edited by guiseppe (2843 posts) -

The most interesting thing for me was the streaming capabilities. I expected a larger leap in graphics. Sure, the games that were shown looked slick as all kinds of hell, but I expected more. But, yes, overall I liked it.

#157 Posted by Sparky_Buzzsaw (7203 posts) -

Consider me cautiously optimistic. The fact that they came out of the gate and focused in on developer friendliness and fixes for issues from the last generation makes me much more confident in their product than I would have been had they came out with all the bluster of the PS3 announcement. It's too early yet to get a real opinion on any of the games shown, but it looks like they're going for a nice spread of genres for the launch. And honestly, at the end of the day, backwards compatibility doesn't matter to me much so long as I've got a functional PS2 and PS3.

The stuff they didn't announce isn't a big deal. If the hardware's due out in November, it makes sense that they'd take a little bit more time to reveal the look of the console. A lack of pricing was a no brainer, but the news article on Gamespot about the PS4's games being up to $60 is reassuring.

#158 Posted by jgf (402 posts) -

@kagato: I think they did not explicitly call it an x86-64 processor, because they wanted to focus on the fact that it is now an x86 cpu and no longer a cell processor. That it has to be 64bit is kind of obvious. I myself wonder how anyone can assume they put a 32bit cpu with 8gb ram on there, but it seems to be a quite common misinterpretation. Mark Cerny and the rest of the hardware guys at sony are no fools, they know what they are doing.

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