So I Think I Just Bought One on Amazon

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#51 Posted by DeadpanCakes (925 posts) -

Wish I was impulsive enough to spend 400 on a Resogun machine...

I mean, I REALLY wanna play Resogun.

#52 Posted by StealthRaptor (530 posts) -

So many people are falling! You must be strong!!

#53 Posted by insane_shadowblade85 (1461 posts) -

So many people are falling! You must be strong!!

We can't all be Raptors you- you dinosaur, you!

#54 Edited by JayDee (439 posts) -

got one too and 2k14, but that's the only game i want to play lol. probably should have waited but oh well.

#55 Posted by Barrock (3536 posts) -

@dallas_raines: Sunday delivery is only in New York and LA for the time being.

Yeah, they recently reached a deal with the post office.

#56 Posted by Gnorbooth (285 posts) -

Yep. Bought one. I was driving around for a bit tonight checking some of the lines at the local places around town, and it looked like chances were getting slim. This works out wonderfully. And that one-day Prime member I still get it on launch day. Oh Amazon, you the best.

#57 Posted by ShaggE (6472 posts) -

It's good to be broke sometimes.

#58 Edited by Nasar7 (2703 posts) -

@artisanbreads: My consoles were stolen recently. PS4 at launch > nothing.

#59 Posted by MB (12490 posts) -

And that one-day Prime member I still get it on launch day.

Are you sure about that? I'm a Prime member also and it was either get it on Tuesday for free, or $12.95 to get it on Saturday.

#60 Posted by Chaser324 (6587 posts) -

@mb: Same for me.

#61 Posted by ArtisanBreads (3861 posts) -

@nasar7 said:

@artisanbreads: My consoles were stolen recently. PS4 at launch > nothing.

I was just busting balls anyways but definitely in that case man. Enjoy!

#62 Posted by Lotan (217 posts) -

I almost lost my Amazon pre-order due to moving and my payment info (address) changing. The billing address was different so when the card was processed it was declined.

It took over an hour on the phone with Amazon but I got it sorted. This might have happened to others as well.

#63 Posted by Gnorbooth (285 posts) -

@mb: Yep. They have me confirmed for Friday delivery. I think they charged a couple more extra bucks then usual though. Don't remember one day ever costing $7.99

#64 Posted by CollegeGuyMike (389 posts) -

Gone. :/

#65 Posted by Irishdoom (333 posts) -

FYI my order now says "Preparing for Shipment" and my CC has been charged. Looks like a done deal to me!

#66 Posted by MB (12490 posts) -

@gnorbooth: Well congrats, sounds like you lucked out! I wonder if you're especially close to an Amazon distribution center or something like that.

#67 Posted by Chaser324 (6587 posts) -

@mb: I backed out. I was about to order Killzone, and I realized this whole thing was crazy. I'm back to waiting for inFamous.

#68 Edited by ripelivejam (4054 posts) -

damn i was hoping this happened when you were in some fugue state. or maybe it was like that time cypress hill ordered that orchestra (possibly while high).

#69 Edited by MB (12490 posts) -

@chaser324: Probably a good move. I'm really thinking hard about doing the same...I mean, I love new gadgets and I really want a PS4, but there aren't any games that interest me coming out until Infamous besides Resogun. I'm going to think it over at the gym and if I change my mind, maybe there will still be time to cancel.

#70 Posted by Gruebacca (521 posts) -

The group of people in line I was chatting with all got out their phones and ordered the PS4 off of Amazon. Then one of them told all the others in line while leaving, and then the line shrunk considerably.

#71 Edited by ripelivejam (4054 posts) -

@deadpancakes: im almost there, having spent $300 on a wind waker hd machine...

#72 Posted by Gnorbooth (285 posts) -

@mb: Now that you mention it, I do happen to live by a big ol' distribution center of theirs. So I'm sure that factors in. But, I'm giddy as can be and I'll count my blessings any which way. WOOOO!

#73 Edited by MB (12490 posts) -

@gnorbooth: That is awesome, dude. I thought I was lucky with Amazon shipments with most of the packages I order with free two-day shipping showing up the next day, but yours is a whole different level of fast.

#74 Posted by DeadpanCakes (925 posts) -

@ripelivejam: Dude! I almost bought a Wind Waker HD machine, like, a week ago.

#75 Posted by delorean99947 (228 posts) -

I was standing in line at 11:20 to get a PS4 and I got an email saying the PS4 was available from Amazon.

#76 Posted by Smallville123 (416 posts) -

I'm so tempted. It's really cool they were in stock again but I want to hold off until there are more games.

#77 Edited by Karkarov (3133 posts) -

@toowalrus said:

I canceled my preorder, yet I'm tempted. Honestly though, I'd only play Killzone and Resogun, and my PS4 would lay dormant until... what, Ground Zeroes? InFamous? Whichever console exclusive comes out first.

You guys say stuff like this but it is funny. I haven't booted my 360 in months. Other than console exclusives there is no reason to buy a console game anymore for people with a decent pc. So if you "know" there is going to be a console exclusive you want like Phantom Pain you may as well buy it now. The price might go down a little in a year but it is just as likely to not change at all. It will sit there for months with no use (if you have a good pc) but truth is (if you have a good pc) it is going to do that sooner or later anyway.

#78 Posted by Fattony12000 (7456 posts) -

So I Think I Just Bought One on Amazon



an Xbox One?


#79 Posted by ReTarDedFisHy (1065 posts) -


#80 Edited by Seikenfreak (453 posts) -

It is what it is. I preordered mine back in June. I didn't decide on any games until this week and the Buy 2, Get 1 Free deal popped up.. So I bought 6 games for it (Amazon didn't actually get NFS in time?). I'm not particularly excited for any of them but do look forward to NFS and Lego Marvel.

I'm going to get the system sooner then later so why not get it as soon as possible and have fun with the rest of the world enjoying these things brand new? Price on them won't come down til next holiday season with Black Friday deals. No way I'm waiting that long. I'll pay the hypothetical $100 (if that) discount difference from waiting and instead get it a whole year earlier.

That's fine if people wanna wait for one particular game they love and then buy it but I don't understand why people emit a sort of high-and-mighty attitude and are like.. "oh well the systems don't have any killer games.. useless hardware.." Just enjoy it for what it is.

I'll note though that the only other console I've ever got on launch day was Dreamcast. Skipped school that day (much to my mother's dismay) and waited in line at the mall with her. So it's fun to get on board with a lot of other excited people. These console launches hardly ever happen these days so there is no shame in being excited, even if you don't get great games at first.

#81 Posted by Zirilius (652 posts) -

Ordered on Amazon at Midnight as well. Glad I decided to wait up for it. Should be here Tuesday with Prime Shipping.

#82 Posted by KirillOrlov (226 posts) -

I missed the amazon order :( got paid Friday so money didn't come into my account till after 5ish.

#83 Posted by Ramone (2972 posts) -

Can I just say, I love this thread with all of my heart.

#84 Posted by Demoskinos (14875 posts) -

So I totally bailed on the Amazon order I put in last night. My impulsive side hates me but at the same time it would cost me $60 more than what I could buy one for here at work.

#85 Edited by mike28212 (31 posts) -

I took the plunge on Amazon last night as well. I have gone back and forth on this but just decided I am going to want one in the next six months so I might as well go ahead while I have the money.

#86 Posted by TooWalrus (13218 posts) -

@karkarov: I bought an ipad mini instead, because I know I wanted one now, where I know I won't get much use out of an PS4 until spring. Spending money on both right now would be pushing it.

#87 Posted by tourgen (4512 posts) -

well look at this way, plenty of time to grind in Warframe before Destiny and Infamous come out.

#88 Posted by bybeach (4844 posts) -

Looks like the run ended. Good spot by the OP.

#89 Posted by TIEfighter77 (80 posts) -

I just walked into a Best Buy this morning and bought one. Easy as that and I didn't have a preorder.

#90 Posted by Irishdoom (333 posts) -

@bybeach: Thanks. :) I was restless trying to get to sleep, trying to decide whether I was going to buzz by a few stores in the morning, and I decided to randomly check the major sites. Worked out!

#91 Posted by captain_clayman (3322 posts) -

Just snagged one as it was briefly in stock. Got the dualshock 4 bundle and extended warranty. Ships tuesday with free shipping!

#93 Posted by Demoskinos (14875 posts) -

@kirillorlov: Hilarious that the Knack bundle is the single one that is still sold out.

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