Sounds like reviewers have the PS4

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I was listening to this week’s Rebel FM podcast and Arthur Gies said that he had played through Assassins Creed Black IV Black Flag on the PS4. He also stated that it took him 36 hours playing Friday through Sunday. I highly doubt that it was a review event. Later in the podcast, he indicated that he picked up the PS4 controller, during the podcast, and was looking at the back and comparing the audio jack it to the Xbox 360's audio input.

So what do you think, do gaming reviews have the new system already? We're only 27 days out (in the US) and it doesn't seem like it is outside of the realm of possibility

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There are already videos of people taking the PS4 apart and showing stuff like the hard drive enclosure. It's safe to say that Sony is doling them out to gaming outlets at this point. I think within the next week or two both the PS4 and Xbox One will have demo stations at retail stores as well.

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I'm fairly certain I've heard people from several outlets say just that.

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@andorski: I had no idea that there were videos of the PS4 being dissembled.

Now I'm just super excited. I wonder if the firmware is near final, or if they are just a debug type unit.

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@andorski said:

I think within the next week or two both the PS4 and Xbox One will have demo stations at retail stores as well.

Yeah they are already rolling out PS4 demo kiosks in the US.

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Its happening!!

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Giant Bomb and Gamespot both have them. They're already talking about reviewing next-gen games if you read between the lines. It's hear fellas and ladies.

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4 weeks away, seemed so long ago and now it is just around the corner. And so many games I want to beat before it is delivered to my door.

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It'd be a little weird for Sony to be sending out boxes a month early. I'd imagine that it would be a bigger marketing story if the consoles would show up a week or so before as to build up hype for launch. Sony did hold a big review session last week, so it might just be that outlets got to review games there. Then again, there clearly are units out there already.

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It seems like IGN has it, they were talking about trying to transfer their AC4 sales to retail units.

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