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Does anyone know if you will be able to replace the hard drive with a SSD?

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Highly likely. I mean it is just a SATA device. The PS will not even know the difference. I also plan on doing this at some point.

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I really hope PS4 will support it properly. The PS3 could utilize one but it had no impact on load times or anything from what I read, which was a bummer.

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Most definitely. Whether or not it will have any tangible improvements in loading is the real question.

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No reason why not, as to if the software is able to make use of the read/write speed well that's another question.

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That is my main question I guess. I know you could in the PS3 but it was virtually useless since it was no faster than a standard HDD.

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No real reason why it shouldn't work, they have to be building the hardware in a way that would take full advantage of an SSD.

Only problem is the price. A 512gb SSD costs about the same as the console itself. Not sure how practical that is. They better also offer usb 3.0 external hdd compatibility like the xbox one. Obviously not as fast, but you can get 1-4TB drives for a fraction of the cost of an SSD and you don't have to sacrifice the internal drive.

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I hope you can, otherwise my horses will be so slow!

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I've noticed loading times for Last Of Us are really short with an SSD. I did bought the digital version so no reading from the disc. I can imagine it has the same sort of impact on the PS4. It'll be a bit more smoother and faster overall, but the biggest win for me is no HDD read/write noise but pure silence. The original 80GB HDD in my PS3 was very loud.

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A few facts to clear up:

-Games and the system don't need to be designed for SSDs to take advantage of them

-SSDs don't just help load and install times, games that use the hard drive for streaming, caching get a huge boost as @jking47 posted

-The PS3 uses SATA(150MB/s), the older PS4 devkit uses SATA2(300MB/s), the PS4 will likely have SATA3(600MB/s)

-TRIM or garbage collection would be nice to have, but SSD hardware manufacturers have built in to firmware

-Even on the PS3, load times on hard drive heavy games were cut down significantly and a lot of issues have been solved gameplay wise

I use a hybrid on my PS3 since the SATA speed is too slow, still was enough to improve performance on Rage, BF3 multiplayer. Nothing like loading first in a multiplayer game and getting to the enemy side flags. The next gen games are going to be using the hdd even more than now, even disc games. Everything that needs to be loaded quickly will be installed and we are look at tens of GB installs. I would recommend at least a 480-512gb SSD for a PS4 though, to match the stock drive size. I'm probably going to put that 960gb Crucial M500 that came out recently.

Edit: Lifetime writes for the drive I mentioned is pegged at 72tb, not something I'm ever going to hit.

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