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Does anyone else have problem with the store not updated in a timely manner? Its close to one in the afternoon and the new games for the day are not listed yet. Just wondering if this is just me or if someone knows how to get the store to refresh.

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The NA store fully updates around 2-3pm PST on Tuesday every week. I'm not sure then the EU store update usually occurs.

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@adam914: The store doesn't usually update until late afternoon/early evening.

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The store updates at uneven hours. I would not hold my breath to it and just assume it will be ready tonight...

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I always just check when I get off of work in the evening. There have been times though that it still hasn't been updated by around 5 o' clock, so just check a bit later.

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I wish it would update already so I can get Mercenary Kings.

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Even though the store doesn't update until later in the day you can usually find the new content using the search feature. Beware though, stuff that you would get free from PS+ sometimes is listed with a retail price during this early, pre-update status.

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You can get mercenary kings for free now, it's up for me

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