Taco Bell Promotion Falsely Advertised

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I JUST ATE TACO BELL for NO REASON. I went to try and win a PS4, but they only had boxes from an old MTV contest. I went up to the cashier after finishing my calorie marathon and asked if they had any boxes for the new promotion. Response "No we don't have them yet". Which was pretty frustrating considering there is a 25% of the menu space dedicated to advertising the sweepstakes.

I am a stout 223 pounds. I did not want to eat taco bell. I wanted to win a PS4. Today has not been the best day for me and I wanted to highlight this low point, and caution people to basically not eat taco bell for any reason, especially not to win a PS4.

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I never eat Taco Bell.

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Sounds like $ony is at it again.

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OR, you could have taken a look at the side of your box before and realized there is no ps4 promo anything on it and returned it for false advertisement and left without eating it OR.. You could have talked to the manager and demanded you get one free when they do get it in stock as its still False Advertisement. And better yet, Dont go to tacobell for a ps4? I believe they specialize in making sure you crap later that day vs getting you a next gen console.

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Are you saying they announced their promotion before it was active? Because of course they did.

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Stout indeed.

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Did you get one of those smothered burritos? I have yet to meet a person who has, but I want to know whats up before I kill myself with one.

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Someone on reddit already bought a box and won a PS4. Sounds like a "your Taco Bell" kind of situation.

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Im not sure that it qualifies as "false advertisement" its not like they aren't doing the promo they most likely have a mandate from corporate to have the signage up by a specific date regardless of if they have the actual boxes with game pieces. Also, its your fault for not asking a head of time if the game is all you were concerned about. Which BTW you have about zero chance at winning anyways so I wouldn't be that upset about it.

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Take them to court!

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Sooooo go tomorrow for the Big Box is what you are saying

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@fonkymucker: Those smothered burritos are actually kinda decent, but they will make you feel like you're going to die by the time you're finished with it...so a pretty standard Taco Bell experience.

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Don't pretend like you didn't want to go to Taco Bell, oh "stout" one.

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Hah! Fast food...

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The giant caulking gun that they use to apply sour cream to their various creations looks like some kind of Stainless Steel Sex toy form Saints Row.

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Should have asked about the boxes before eating your meal.

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@jsnyder82: It was in a food court. I could have gone 25 other places. I would have never eaten there except for the promotion. But it was still pretty good. In a super gross way obviously.

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You're 223 pounds and don't eat Taco Bell often?

Man you're just wasting your time with whatever else you're eating.

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Considering they fucked up the last Sony/Taco Bell promotion and I'm pretty sure none of the winners ever got the Vitas they had won, I wouldn't suggest subjecting yourself to edible death for the chance to get fucked over.

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I'm a flabby 150 pounds and I go to Taco Bell to enjoy their quick service. Not to win a magical fun box. If you wanted to go for some kind of lottery thing and not the food, then why did you eat the food?

Also I went to the gym this morning and my arms feel great

Now I'm just rubbing it in.

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@slaegar: I am down to turn this post into a fitness blog.

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I can't imagine what will happen if you get indigestion or actual food poisoning and no chance of winning a PS4.

#28 Posted by spraynardtatum (4243 posts) -

Is Taco Bell that place that gives you diarrhea? I think I'm going to eat there tonight.

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@demoskinos: Dude chill out.

I am chill. If you think I'm getting angry about anything you're mistaken. I just call bullshit where I see bullshit. I'm too goddamn tired to get angry today.

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guys, why is it ever taco bell establishement smells so terrible? Granted I've only ever been to 2 of them and each time I was turned off by the smell and went to a different spot to eat.

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So let me get this straight, you wanted a PS4 so badly that you ordered a giant box of Taco Bell -food you claim you did not actually want to eat- and were so busy fantasizing about booting up Knack for the first time that you munched down a crunchwrap, a crunchy taco, and a burrito supreme all before ever taking notice of the box it all came in. Further to that you claim Taco Bell's advertising compelled you to do all this and as a result of your clear mistake, none of us should eat at Taco Bell.

Sir, I will NOT.

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Adam Boyes I thought you had our back.

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guys, why is it ever taco bell establishement smells so terrible? Granted I've only ever been to 2 of them and each time I was turned off by the smell and went to a different spot to eat.

The smell comes in an aerosol can and it's mandatory. They actually spray the food too and that's why you need to be careful when eating their tacos. If you bite your cheek or poke the roof of your mouth with a tortilla shell the chemicals from the spray can get into your bloodstream and you can die.

#34 Posted by JCGamer (766 posts) -

Man, I actually like taco bell. Sometimes you need to make a run to the border...

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#36 Posted by egg (1667 posts) -

I am a stout 223 pounds.

Well, keep eating! Maybe you'll win that PS4! hehehe

#37 Posted by Humanity (12896 posts) -

Any day spent eating Taco Bell is a good day in my book!

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Your problem started when you decided to go to Taco Bell. Everything after that is just pilling on.

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Fuck this shit, I went to taco bell and they had no boxes. They Gave me my taco gordita crunch in a fucking bag. I regret nothing.

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I demand justice as well.

I go to taco bell maybe 3-4 times a year. Bought two boxes that I wasn't really interested in eating. I was getting it to go and not paying close enough attention. They gave me the PS4 cups, so I didn't think there was a problem. Didn't even bother looking in the bag. When I got home and opened the bag, they were the MTV boxes.

Damn you taco bell, sony, or both.

No, I did not eat two of those boxes. That's an obscene amount of food.

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I don't go to Taco Bell often, but when I do I prefer the Mexican Pizza.

Closest to my work is a Taco Mayo. But right across the street is a Taco Truck that makes delicious authentic Mexican food. Yet the parking lot at taco mayo is always full.

Those people are the ones that are driving in circles in the walmart parking lot until they find a space at the front, and eventually just parking in the fire lane. Then they go and walk 5 feet to the front door and sit their fat asses in a motorized chair to ride around the store.

They also probably eat at taco mayo instead of the truck because they're paying for their meals with food stamp cards and the truck only takes cash.

Steroids are you friend.

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@jcgamer said:

Man, I actually like taco bell. Sometimes you need to make a run to the bathroom...

Fixed that for you.

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How did I stumble into this blog?

#45 Posted by Levio (1832 posts) -

Never trust a corporation to follow through with what they say they'll do. Actually... never trust anyone with anything. Ever.

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I haven't eaten at Taco Bell for a very long time, it's just not worth getting the shits. Seriously though, what kind of gnarly ingredients do they use to consistently give people diarrhea?!

#47 Posted by Flappy (2412 posts) -

I've yet to eat any Taco Bell that gives me the shits. More often than not, I get the Itis and start slowing down until I eventually pass out on a couch/bed somewhere down the line.

#48 Posted by wjb (1785 posts) -

Eh...retail/fast food/whatever corporations have always been pretty shitty coordinating promotions.

Sorry you ate garbage. And that first sentence in the post is the best ever.

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Sooo I just won today and I heard on the podcast about that duder's girlfriend winning one. Anyone else on here win a ps4 this way?

edit: I'm also trying daily for that xbone that Kroger is giving away online.

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I had taco bell today, I did not win a ps4, and I regret nothing.

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