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So...I just bought a PS4 and while I realise that this is a long-term deal and I shouldn't be worried that there isn't too much out right now, I really wanted to play one game, have one experience which makes me go ' gen!).

What game do people most think shows a significant upgrade from the quality available on previous consoles and looks most 'next gen?'

I have bought ACIV and am quite impressed with how it looks and how smoothly it is running but is there anything else I should grab which really looks a cut above PS3/Xbox360 capabilities?

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Infamous: Second Son looks pretty fantastic. It's also a really good game!

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Infamous looks really good. So you can go with that. Killzone is also a pretty game and if you're into shooters Battlefield 4 makes a good case as to why you want to get a next-gen console. Other than that Watch Dogs is coming very soon.

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@tearhead@mikey87144 Yeah Infamous looked pretty spiffy in some of the videos iv'e seen. I just basically want something that is hollers 'next gen!!'

Hopefully Watch Dogs might be that game, although I am feeling less and less secure about it as time goes by. The delay at Christmas (probably would have bought the PS4 then if it had been released) made me wonder, and then the fact that they set up this big press event recently but didn't seem to let anyone play it properly. Added to which the trailers have made it look a little dumb. Really think we might be looking at a bit of a disappointment but I hope not. I just think they would be giving more access if they thought it was a sure-fire winner, when there has been so much delay and confusion.

Annnnyway......have either of you played the new MGS, was wondering how impressive that was.

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@leebmx: The new MGS is a looker. Just know what you're buying. It's short and is meant to be replayed a lot.

As for Watch Dogs they probably didn't let the press play it much because it's not the type of game that you grasp in a 30 minute play session without the benefit of a tutorial. That being said it does look a little too samey for me. I was hoping for a more radical change from the standard open world crime genre but it looks like they held back on their ambition. To me this game is the first Assassin's Creed. You can see how awesome it could've been but they had to make this before they can get there.

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@mikey87144: Yeah I hear it was dead short, but its on £20 most places. What do you reckon is more impressive looks-wise, MGS or Infamous?

Everyone seems to be making the AC1 comparison with Watch Dogs, it just seems Ubi have a kind of template with Far Cry, AC and now this they are trying to push. It is a good template but might end up stifling creativity and getting rote.

I just remember Watch Dogs looking so beautiful at that E3 showing and it doesn't seem to resemble that any more.

I guess we won't start to appreciate the full potential of these consoles until this holiday and maybe not even next. We need games to come out which are new-gen only and have been developed with full knowledge of the specs. Then we will have games which are truly 'next-gen.'

I'll have to be patient, but i've just got that feeling where you have bought a new thing and you want to be able to fully justify your purchase. - It's also not fair because the jump from SD to HD with the last consoles is a leap in quality and fidelity we are unlikely to see ever again.

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@leebmx: 4K. When it becomes affordable you'll have flashbacks of the SD to HD jump. To answer your question Infamous is the better looking game. The facial animations are pretty great. The way that light plays a role in the look of the game is truly impressive. It's probably the best looking next-gen game.

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@mikey87144: Yeah I was looking at some 4k TV's last time I was in the shops in the West End of London. They are truly amazing. They were showing football and you could see every face in the crowd and the exact state of the turf,divots being thrown up and everything. The fidelity was scary. God knows what kind of processing power it would take to make advantage of that - or maybe its all in the display (I don't know much about programming etc) but it was insane to look at.

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Having only played Second Son and Ground Zeroes, i would say Infamous was the more "next-gen" game of the two, and is an actual full game. Other then the lighting and resolution of Metal Gear there wasn't a significant difference from the last gen versions that i could see from some of the comparison shots that where shown, and there isn't any crazy particle effects and such like in Infamous that catch your eye. But i will say if you are a MGS fan there is enough things to do and replay that you can get a good amount of hours out of it, and the gameplay is pretty good, but $30 for what is basically a demo is a little rough.

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Infamous is definitely the most next-gen looking game out right now. It's not a very good game though in my opinion.

Metal Gear and AC both look very nice, but they kinda just look like last gen games running in a higher resolution. Which is kinda weird in MG's case considering TPP looks amazing visually judging from the trailers.

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I'll also recommend Infamous Second son. It's one of the most visually beautiful games I've ever seen. One of the best reasons to buy a Ps4 so far.

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