The console wars have truly begun once again.

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It's that time once again for when we all take sides. I was once a Microsoft man, but their elders have showed a stunning amount of hubris. Watching the slide of consumer rights and respect for lawful, paying customers slide downhill over the past few years, it was a shock to see a corporate suit come out and straight up say they had no desire to devalue the purchase of their customers.

Watching their latest advertisement about Greatness, it seems they have a sudden enthusiasm, almost love for their player. It's truly a sight to witness, considered how we had already given up on Sony after the nightmare of the XBone's glorious DRM schadenfreude. Alas, what is next to come is unknown, but for Sony to take a stand generated a greater pop than some of the finest wrestling promos in all of history.

In the Game of Consoles, you win or you Dreamcast...

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No... Jack Tretton ended them once and for all...

Two consoles entered E3, only one left alive.

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Dude, those eyes...

The eyes of a fucking killer.

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Dude, those eyes...

The eyes of a fucking killer.

Murdered Microsoft on June 10th 2013.

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Sony also posted this super helpful instructional video on how to lend games on the PS4.

Loading Video...

Shots are fucking fired ladies and gentleman.

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I think the title you were looking for is

"Begun, the console war has"

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Oh sweet hubris

This time the console wars are different. Because under the hood these boxes are the same essentially. All games will play and look almost identical. So it comes down to services and value proposition.

PS: Amazon pre-ordered my PS4.

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What war? Microsoft committed suicide before the war even broke out. This is Sony dancing on their grave before it even started.

(and I say this as somebody who owns all main consoles ever released by all major companies and in recent years had a preference for the Xbox).

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Yeah, unfortunately. Console wars are stupid.

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This isn't a war, it's a massacre. Someone needs to call the UN

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Both consoles are still way better than the Wii U, which isn't getting good games until 2014 when it launched in freaking 2012.

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