The first things you will do the when you turn on the PS4

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This is a follow up to my launch thread

1. First-Time Setup and any Annoying Updates (Get Mountain Dew and Pretzels (They are good for gaming because they don't get you controller greasy) from Fridge)

2. Sign In the PSN account and Sign Up for PS+ with 3 Month PS+ Card

3. Play COD: Ghosts Campaign

4. Download PlanetSide 2 and DCUO

5. Play Watch Dogs (First Couple Missions)

6. Play a few PlanetSide 2 games

7. Play COD: Ghosts Multiplayer Team Deathmatch Games

8. Customize DCUO Character and Play DCUO

9. Play and Stream Watch Dogs Multiplayer

10. Play NBA 2k14 Trial

11.Play NBA Live 14 Trial

13. Decide Between the Two Games I Trialed to ask for Christmas

14.Pass Out

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It doesn't matter if your getting it at launch or not just whenever you get it and first turn on the ps4

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make sweet sweet love.

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Throw it out the window.

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@smgblanket: How much are you being payed to make PS4 topics all over our forums?

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try out remote play with vita

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#8 Posted by SMGBlanket (23 posts) -

Throw it out the window.

Your a Smartass if you gonna be a smartass dont reply to my threads and let people who actually have PS4 Hype reply to my threads

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Ghost rape

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Fall asleep while downloading patches.

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Come on guys. You all know what we're really gonna do first.

Download the system update.

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We should all agree to stop drinking Mountain Dew, it's just too predictable.

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@smgblanket So I call this out everytime I see this on the forums on both sides, but you registered on 6-29-13, and have 19 posts, all of which are Sony/PS4 centric threads. Is this a subaccount you're using to post on these type of things?

This isn't the first time I've noticed this, I've seen a ton of weird sub-20 post accounts in the XBO Forums with postive comments. I'm not sure if people are just afraid of posting positive things on either console with their normal accounts, trolling each other, or we have PR firms that don't know in order to be successful at astroturfing is that you have to have accounts embedded in each site you plan to use that have normal post history and something older than a few days.

Again, this isn't anything on you, and if it's a legitimate account, I'm glad that people are so excited about the next generation (it's going to be a very awesome/interesting generation.)

Edit: Note, if you're just new to the site, Welcome to Giant Bomb, and I apologize for the questions.

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@eujin: Its just that im not getting Xbox One and Extremely Hyped for the PS4

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Touch myself while basking in the beautiful glow of the system light.

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@smgblanket: You are hilarious, and also a complete dickhead.

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@smgblanket: next topic what are you going to do when you spoon with your ps4, what will you do when you sit on your ps4

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@smgblanket: next topic what are you going to do when you spoon with your ps4, what will you do when you sit on your ps4

1. Cry

2. Make forum topic about it

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My plan's simple enough - set it up in the house, play some Killzone.

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Update the firmware.

#23 Posted by Reisz (1608 posts) -

Set the time and date. Obviously.

Once initial setup is done though, likely go through every settings menu to see what's what.

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1. Call a Sony representative and show how much I've been advertising on video game websites with pointless threads.

#25 Posted by Turtlebird95 (3196 posts) -

Invite one of my friends to a party and be like omgomgomgomgomg

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I'm not getting one at launch, but when I do, the first thing that I will do is look through the UI.

That's the first thing that I did with my 3DS, which is the only system (aside from my PC and the Xbox that I modified) that I've bought, new, since 2007. Considering that the 3DS has far less in its UI, that might take me a while.

Of course I'll get to playing games, and that's probably all that I'll end up using it for, but I want to peek into everything else first.

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because I'm a strong believer in the history of a thread

A: throw it out the window

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Porn. Just porn.

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This thread reminds me that one of the things I'm most interested in is the UI, especially since they're putting multiplayer behind a paywall.

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Watch Star Trek Deep Space Nine on netflix

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@metalgearsunny: Not sure if you've seen this yet, but some of the UI has been shown already.

The screenshots seem to show the Profile page, some sort of news/recommendations/updates panel, and a game panel.

I'm interested to see what happens when you go to the UI in-game, but it's likely they'll do what they did with the Vita and allow you to the full UI.

Edit: IGN also has a freezframe/conversation about the PS4 UI video, too:

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I'm hotly anticipating how long the day one patch install will take.

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Day one updates and patches, I assume.

...I should Probably just throw it out the window.

#35 Posted by AlexanderSheen (5150 posts) -

Set it on fire THEN throw it out the window.

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Probably download the Drive Club PS+ Edition in the background while I fire up Watch Dogs and play it.

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I'll probably do what Xbox One't.

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I'm going to stream everything from unboxing to playing to friends in Japan if they really do end up with a later PS4 release than Europe, it's something we'd all appreciate if we lived in a region getting it late. Then the magic happens!

1) Set it up in the best passively cooled area it could possibly be in < highly recommended, essential
2) Take the toslink into a digital to analogue converter, jam it into the mixer < recommended, currently using a Gefen model
3) HDMI straight into the HDCP erasing equipment, then into HDPVR2 + passthrough to monitor < nice to have around
4) Get patching < still think we should be alright with regards to patching even if ignoring midnight release, I'll pick mine up in the morning
5) Try my hardest to not wonder wtf I invested in a new console with Dark Souls 2 coming March < difficult.. please let there be surprise awesome launch titles

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I'm figuring one of the reasons to go heavy on indie support is to have a decent line of launch games for download. If thats the case, I'll check those out while watching the giantbomb stream.

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masterbate! because no one can see me

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I will being going through every menu and checking out all of the features it can do. Of course before that, set up the PlayStation account and the setup things that are always normal.

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I'm going to go straight to the movie and music download services and repurchase my entire DVD and CD collection.

TRUTH: Probably not. I'll likely dick around with the OS & settings for a good fifteen minutes and then hopefully play a game.

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turn on the controller huehuehue

#45 Posted by SmilingPig (1370 posts) -

Download an 8 gig patch most likely.

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1. Play Watch Dogs

2. Play Watch Dogs

3. Continue playing Watch Dogs until I fall asleep

4. Continue playing Watch Dogs even while asleep, fuck it

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Start downloading DCUO, then play a few matches of Battlefield 4.

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Update it.


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Why do these "Launch day plans for ps4, what will you do with ps4, anyone else ps4 themselves this morning?' threads exist? I can't think of a reason to care about what you'll do with your own console.

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Start some sort of Let's Play of all the games and post it to Youtube for people to enjoy? I dunno.

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