The first things you will do the when you turn on the PS4

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Download a couple of games the moment I can after doing the settings and jumping into...either basketball, witness or BF4 (or Killzone depending on which I get).

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Hope that I can connect to the servers and actually do things!

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Set it next to my previous gen Playstations and take a pic to post to Instagram so I can further maintain my douche bag status.

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Watch Netflix lolol

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@smgblanket said:

This is a follow up to my launch thread

1. First-Time Setup and any Annoying Updates (Get Mountain Dew and Pretzels (They are good for gaming because they don't get you controller greasy) from Fridge)

2. Sign In the PSN account and Sign Up for PS+ with 3 Month PS+ Card

3. Play COD: Ghosts Campaign

4. Download PlanetSide 2 and DCUO

5. Play Watch Dogs (First Couple Missions)

6. Play a few PlanetSide 2 games

7. Play COD: Ghosts Multiplayer Team Deathmatch Games

8. Customize DCUO Character and Play DCUO

9. Play and Stream Watch Dogs Multiplayer

10. Play NBA 2k14 Trial

11.Play NBA Live 14 Trial

13. Decide Between the Two Games I Trialed to ask for Christmas

14. Flick The Light Switch 15 Times

15. Pass Out

You forgot a step but don't worry, I got your back :)

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