The forgotten game comebacks that you wanna see in PS4

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Suikoden, Breath of Fire, Legend of Dragoon

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Medievil and The Legend of Dragoon.

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bushido blade 3 although we all know thats never gonna happen

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I think Colony Wars, Tenchu, and maybe Soul Reaver could be saved.

Many older games have been remade, they just suck. I think the three games above are due for remakes, and they could become modern games that would be good.

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Vanguard Bandits and a real turn based Front Mission game.

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A new Katamati game. Perhaps with the 'lil green guy as the king of the universe now.

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Syphon filter! I remember the first few games being pretty good

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MediEvil. I want a fully fleshed sequel or reboot, that's probably more likely, with improved controls, better graphics, and just all the charm and quirk from the first game. The thing about better controls probably sound pretty obvious, but MediEvil is an old PS1 game and it controls as one, so it would be nice to see a new MediEvil game with super crisp controls.

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Onimusha would be cool i remember liking them very much.

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@hunter5024 said:

Legend of Dragoon would be pretty awesome.


And speaking of games with Dragoon in the title, I DEMAND a new Panzer Dragoon game. How come nobody makes rail shooters anymore? :(

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Ghost in the Shell
Bushido Blade
Parasite Eve
Project Zero/Fatal Frame
Lifeline (No, seriously)

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Bully 2

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Regular-ass Ape Escape. Jak and Daxter made by Naughty Dog.

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What happened to my Wild Arms!!

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Time Commando

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Crash, Spyro, and Syphon Filter would definitely be on top of my list!

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Syphon Filter, all day every day.

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An Insomniac Spyro or a Naughty Dog Crash Bandicoot. Its a shame that they have been out of their creators hands for so long and were run into the ground so hard they came out the other side of the planet. Surely they can't be so valuable to their current owners (Universal?) that Sony couldn't reacquire the rights for a song.

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Crash Bandicoot. The rumours going around is that Vicarious is working on a new one so we'll wait and see.

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My girlfriend and I have almost lost hope regarding The Last Guardian - crossing my fingers that it'll get announced at E3.

A Soul Reaver game would give me tingles in my naughty place. If Crash Bandicoot came out, I'd have to buy two copies and pour a 40 over one of them in honor of my dead stepfather who obsessively played the first two.

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With SCE Studio Liverpool gone, I'm worried Wipeout might be done. I hope to play another one of those one day...

That PS2 Syphon Filter killed the franchise. Wouldn't mind seeing that come back as a good game.

A new Parappa would be cool, but I'd hope that kind of game would be released as a $20 downloadable.

The couple of psp 1 syphon filter games were actually excellent, it's unfortunate that they were psp games. But anyway there is still talent there somewhere.

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Glad to see Onimusha has been mentioned, I always thought they were going in some interesting directions with the 4th one too, love the combat system, mastering the critical system makes you feel like such a badass.

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Destruction Derby

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Bring back Ape Escape!

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Pursuit Force, Dark Cloud, Tomba!, Cool Boarders, Grind Session, Syphon Filter

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Kingdom Hearts and Crash Bandicoot.

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No One Lives Forever and one nobody's brought up, Beyond Good and Evil. So many rumors speculating around the latter and nothing but that teaser trailer so many years ago. :/

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I want another Def Jam Fight for NY. That game was stupid in every good way imaginable.

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I want it.

I want it so bad.

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Medievil and its sequel were two of my favorite games as a kid, and would love to see an awesome next gen return. But it better keep its charm and not go all dark.

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I want it.

I want it so bad.

I call your Einhander and raise you a proper Gradius sequel..

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I actually kind of want a new Gex game...

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Bushido Blade and Shinobi. Next-gen scarf.

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@theht said:

Bushido Blade and Shinobi. Next-gen scarf.

That scarf still qualifies as next gen if you ask me. Best video game scarf, easy.


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  • Brutal Legend 2 (FUCKING PLEASE)
  • Spyro
  • Crash Bandicoot
  • Conker
  • Def Jam
  • Bully 2 (It's happening anyway)
  • Driver (A decent one)
  • Spiderman (One like Spiderman 2 because it's so good)
  • Psychonauts 2
  • Shadow Of The Colossus
  • Timesplitters
  • Battlefront 3
  • Prince of Persia (A decent one)
  • Tony Hawk/Skate (A decent one)
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@tesla said:


I would do some pretty depraved things for this to happen again.

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Legends of Dragoon

Red Dog:Superior Firepower


Blakestone (medic!)

One Must Fall 2097

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Final Fantasy...


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no one can stop mr.domino. o wait that was never forgotten

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Legend of Dragoon would be pretty awesome.


Also Dark Cloud 3, Heavenly Sword 2, KOTOR 3, a new Cool Spot, Cyborg Justice, Folklore, Oddworld (JustAddWater has one a great job with the ports they should take a stab at a new one)

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@brodehouse said:

Parasite Eve developed by Eidos Montreal.

That might be the most specific yet correct answer in this thread.

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I'd say Jet Moto, but only if the same music people returned.

And Project: Overkill because why not!

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Time Crisis, because Time Crisis 4 was a letdown.

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@jtb123 said:

Glad to see Onimusha has been mentioned, I always thought they were going in some interesting directions with the 4th one too, love the combat system, mastering the critical system makes you feel like such a badass.

Now there is a game in need of an HD release. If they still have the assets for the pre-rendered backgrounds laying around in the Capcom vault and could re render in 1080? Man oh man.

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Just... fucking... Kingdom Hearts... dude...

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