The last of Us Remastered disc getting ejected from PS4

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So I was so excited that today I could finally play the last of us on ps4 for the first time ever. I received my package from amazon inserted the disc and it loaded properly, I took out the disc because I had to go to school and then later I put it back in and downloaded the patch. I took out the disc again and then put it back in but this time the ps4 spit it back out. I inserted the disc a few more times and still the disc would get ejected. I finally tried out a fix, to turn off the ps4 and then go into safe mode and rebuild database. It still didnt work and the ps4 started to beep even when it was turned off completely. I then tried out the watch dogs disc and it read perfectly, i ejected it and the ps4 beeped a couple more times. I finally inserted the last of us disc again by rotating slightly to see if that worked and it did only until I got to the game menu and then It was ejected.

So what is the problem? could it be the disc or the ps4? I really wanted to play it

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This is a known issue with some PS4s. It happened with mine a few months back where it was ejecting discs during play once every few hours. There is a screw under the hard drive cover that you can tighten that will likely solve it at least temporarily. After tightening it I didn't have the issue for a couple weeks, though it didn't last. Eventually I gave in and just sent my system in for repair since the warranty was still good.

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They really wanted you to buy digital.

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So I rebuilt the ps4 database and that only helped for a bit... and then I tried a simple fix of disconnecting it from the power for moe then 5 minutes and now it works . I don't know how long it will last like that and maybe I should just send it to get fixed. I do think it could be a software problem and not hardware because some other games worked when I would insert them, and sometimes I had to put in the last of us disc in a different manner and it would work.

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