The PS4 "SHARE" Button: does anyone really care?

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First off I am neutral in the console war, have owned and enjoyed all consoles from both developers.

Now outside of MLG and MOBA type games, is anyone going to watch someone play a game for more then a minute before they start playing what they sat down to play? Do we really need the option to let someone remotely take control of our game ? Sure the Tivo like saving of the last 15 or so minutes of our gaming is nice, but don't most of the people that want to show off that type of thing already have the means to do so? Am I giving up my right to be opted out of another players such videos in online multiplayer titles by just signing into the PSN?

Just some thoughts........

I would rather see Sony ease the burden on my wallet, spend some of that aforementioned R and D money on some possibly evolutionary new game developers that might be over looked because they are not going to follow in the yearly retread of old ideas.


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People will use it for walk throughs, boss fights, hard areas. Other then that I MAY use it tor rub something in my brothers face. Largely I dont care about it. Kinda hate having social aspects of gaming becoming the current fad.

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I think it could be fairly useful. I make liberal use of the Steam screenshot function, and a way to just as easily take videos sounds awesome even if I never really use them more than once.

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The more functionality the better! I'm not making accusations, but I wish people avoided the whole "I don't need it, therefore nobody should" attitude.

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People love recording and sharing these days so this will serve that well. I don't really know how long this trend will last though, or if it will keep on going.

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I would use it! Me-me-me!. Although no Halo..

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I do, its pretty much the most badass feature in a console ever.

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For those interested Erik Kain wrote up a good article about all this: article

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Although I doubt I would use it much, I think it's a nice idea and inclusion. I mean, how many times have we experienced some crazy moments in games like Skyrim or Saints Row and talked it over with friends, etc? Wouldn't it be nice to show them as well? Sure, it may not get much use from many of us in the end, but I feel it's nice to at least have the option.

And we are not being forced with all the social stuff. Sony has stated that although social aspects are their focus, it's optional.

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@sathingtonwaltz: With all due respect that dude its terrible at speaking about: "what we all want" its more like he is saying "What does he want" =/= "Knowing what everyone wants"

If anything the massive popularity of Facebook and Youtube are more than a testament, this feature is a big thing.

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You'd be surprised how many people watch others play some random game just for amusement. I wish Google would release a suite of tools to allow capture, simple edit, and processing straight into Youtube. If sold a dedicated piece of hardware that did a similar thing but streamed directly into their service that would be extremely useful.

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@sathingtonwaltz: Ahm. I read that a bit, and that's the shortest article about something almost-really important. Like, do Forbes readers just not read, longer articles?..

#13 Posted by SathingtonWaltz (2167 posts) -

@sathingtonwaltz: Ahm. I read that a bit, and that's the shortest article about something almost-really important. Like, do Forbes readers just not read, longer articles?..

Seemed short and sweet to me. It's more of a blog thing than an article really.

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Sharing IS caring.

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Aside from creating video walkthrough or bug exploits. I could see it being used in MMO to capture some once in a lifetime moment such as EVE Online where a clan could loose a bunch of battleships that's worth 10k of real money during a battle.

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Remember when Vinny flipped his car during the Dirt 3 Quick Look?

That's what the Share button is for.

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I'm pretty sure i would use it. I use the Steam screenshot button quite a bit to capture funny, rare or just memorable parts of games, so being able to save your last 30 seconds or so of gameplay will be awesome.

#18 Posted by EVO (4029 posts) -

This is probably the feature I'm looking forward to most. Can't wait for all the funny glitch videos.

#19 Posted by Nilazz (739 posts) -

It's perfect for saving that one in a million thing that might happen. For the social generation, it's awesome.

#20 Posted by Winternet (8264 posts) -

It's hard to care for something that does not exist yet.

#21 Posted by Yummylee (23650 posts) -
Loading Video...

Or at least I care a lot.

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I think it'll be pretty cool, I'm not into social media and things like that but being able to capture certain moments of a game is awesome. Of course there'll be the people who use it and some who don't and for those that do I'm sure we'll get some great content.

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I probably won't be utilising it much but I'm interested in what other people upload and share using that feature.

#24 Posted by Keysword49 (6 posts) -

Not gonna use it much.

I get the point though and think its a really good idea.

Have you ever had a moment in life that was worthy of a youtube hit but you werent recording?

The idea is not for 12 year olds to post Tr1CksH0tz but instead for people to share mad, crazy things that have happened, glitches on zombies etc.

Mad, crazy stuff doesnt happen much so i wont be using it much.

#25 Posted by Kinapuff (248 posts) -

I can see myself sharing a bunch of things during the first month or two, but unless automated, I can see myself not using it all that often. If there's a way to easily export screenshots/videos to the desktop/PC, then I'll surely be snapping a bunch of footage. If it's locked down or restricted to some low-res facebook version, then I'll probably not use it at all.

Can't wait to see how it all works in action though.

#26 Posted by PenguinDust (12854 posts) -

@john1912 said:

People will use it for walk throughs, boss fights, hard areas....

This is where I see the greatest benefit. I know we all have YouTube and the PS4 will probably have a YouTube app again, but if I could gain access to walk-through chapters and puzzle answers without having to drop out of the game, that would be a big plus in my book.

#27 Posted by TooWalrus (13344 posts) -

I think it's a neat feature. I can't see myself posting videos on Facebook, but if I can get videos of, say, Street Fighter fights online easily and link them around to friends, that's great.

#28 Posted by Sparky_Buzzsaw (7067 posts) -

The more functionality the better! I'm not making accusations, but I wish people avoided the whole "I don't need it, therefore nobody should" attitude.

This pretty much sums up my feelings. I think it's a neat little feature that should in no way detract from the experience. Hell, I think it'd be handy for those times when I'm having trouble with a game visually and need someone to step in and help me out with something I can't see. I'm alos a big fan of the idea that if something insane happens, I could share it without any fuss. Can't tell you how many times I'd love to have that just for the ragdoll physics in Bethesda RPGs.

#29 Posted by DaMisterChief (612 posts) -

that is a very niche group of people want to share and even broadcast. The feature will probably be used once then overlooked by many.

#30 Posted by Coafi (1519 posts) -
#31 Posted by Jay_Ray (1256 posts) -

I can't count the times a game glitched or something completely random happened and I thought to myself it would be awesome to just upload a clip to YouTube to show my friends

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I really enjoy watching others play video games, almost as much as I like playing them myself. Of course it depends on the game exactly how enjoyable it is, but in general it works as entertainment; and I like the idea of tuning in like a TV to watch others experience my favorite moments in games as they happen instead of as recordings all the time.

#33 Posted by nasseh (86 posts) -

Seeing as my online and IRL social circle isn't very large, I personally won't find too much use in this. But it's still a very neat feature if implemented correctly by Sony.

#34 Posted by MariachiMacabre (7097 posts) -

I can definitely see my friends and Myself using it. Watching each other play and helping and/or heckling each other. Should be really fun among friends.

#35 Posted by Ninja_Welshman (529 posts) -

I doubt i'll ever push it.

#36 Edited by NoobSauceG7 (1334 posts) -

Let's put it this way, this is a website about video games where people watch other people play some games so yes people will care.

#37 Edited by Cameron (642 posts) -

I imagine it will be like most user made content sharing services. It will be 99%+ crap with a few good things here and there. As long as Sony implements a good system to filter the good stuff to the top, then it should be great. We'll just have to see if Sony can do that.

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it could be neat. there's a multitude of demonstrable use cases- twitch, youtube, this website, etc. proof will be in the pudding, however.

@noobsauceg7 said:

Let's put it this way, this is a website about video games where people watch other people play some games so yes people will care.


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Oh, I thought! ~ I wonder if took any influence from the Sony Vegas people. I'm thinking SCEA consulted the Vegas studio at least, with design, results, and implementation.

#40 Posted by kpaadet (420 posts) -

@cameron: I dont think Sony is going making a top10 video gliches list, people are meant to upload their video to youtube facebook etc.

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i care. i find it fucking insulting.

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I would use it, and I think a lot of people who way they wont use it will end up using it in the end. I know quiet a few people who said they would never use facebook (including me), that use it on a daily basis now. Not having to buy a video capture card to make decent videos, takes away a hurdle that might have kept some people from making their own video game related videos.

I do hope that if you plug in a microphone it will record the input audio as well, which would definitely be a must have feature if you intend to make let's plays.

#43 Posted by Atwa (840 posts) -

I'll probably use it the first few weeks but after that I can't see myself using it.

I don't plan to do walkthroughs or anything like that or uploading, so uh. yeah.

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I know for a fact I would never use it. And really, it shouldn't be a button on the controller. Make it a menu button or some shit.

#45 Posted by metalsnakezero (2588 posts) -

I may not use it all the time but the fact that it is in reach when you do want to use it means a lot. You're willing to do a certain action if it easy to implement.

#46 Posted by bobafettjm (1740 posts) -

I am totally excited for this feature. It is something I think about quite often when playing games already.

#47 Posted by 49th (3128 posts) -

I'm just glad it's there to capture the moments when a game glitches out.

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I know I won't use it, none of my friends share the passion for video games that I do.

#49 Edited by iFail (239 posts) -

Personally, I think it's pretty great. Even though I don't think any of my friends will migrate to new consoles, if Iu can just post crazy videos of glitches on Youtube, that's good enough for me.

#50 Posted by Addfwyn (1983 posts) -

Will I personally use the button? Probably not. Will I watch what other people did? Probably.

I find that as my free time grows smaller and smaller, I am more and more likely to watch other people play games (while I do other things) than play games myself.

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