The PS4 "SHARE" Button: does anyone really care?

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#101 Posted by Dagbiker (7022 posts) -

I agree. I liked this on facebook to show my support.

#102 Posted by geirr (3031 posts) -

Yes, probably! At least, maybe.

#103 Edited by Pachtar_Klepek (91 posts) -

Cool idea in theory that I will never ever use. I don't want to share my gameplay and I don't want to watch someone else's.

Sounds kind of dumb saying that on a website where the most popular content are Quick Looks.

And you're right, no one wants to watch your gameplay.

#104 Posted by FlipperDesert (2167 posts) -

@john1912 said:

I MAY use it tor rub something in my brothers face.


I'll probably share things, I used the screenshot button a lot while in big picture mode on Sleeping Dogs. I imagine that if you could rewind game footage back then the bug videos will be amazing.

#105 Edited by SpencerBoltz (87 posts) -

It's an interesting idea that has potential. Will I use it? I have no clue, but my wild guess would be, no. There's more than just the possibility of sharing game play footage with the share button though and that's what I'm most interested in.

#106 Posted by Demoskinos (17125 posts) -

Being able to instantly upload things to YouTube would be great. I don't know how many times I've come across some insanely random funny glitch in a game with nobody around to experience its glory.

#107 Posted by Eidderf (521 posts) -

I'd probably use it to share glitches and general funny stuff that happens in games with my friends, of course it depends how easy to use it all is but there are plenty of times where I have played a game and something silly has happened that I would like to show others. Even if I'd only use it a couple of times more functionality can only be a good thing.

#108 Posted by MikeJAMoran (30 posts) -

I think the whole letting people take control aspect is dumb and gimmicky, but as a utility for taking video and screenshots, I'm in.

#109 Edited by Quarters (2279 posts) -

I think it's something you can't predict. Once it gets in the hands of the general public, it could go a multitude of directions. I think it seems like a cool idea, with definite potential. With the current state of Let's Plays and the like, something like this makes sense for a modern console. So yes, I care, but it's all up to the people to make it happen.

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