The Share Button and Copyright Infringement

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The potential ability of the share button seems to be contradictory to the recent legal practices of publishers.

Months ago, I began hearing word that walkthroughs were being removed from Youtube because of DMCA requests. the owner of YTMND has been contacted to remove content including Sonic, like other IPs, and stop profiting from those posts (note: each YTMND deficits a few dollars). It doesn't seem too far from game journalists being seen as pirates by publishers back in the days.

When I saw the press conference, the share button seemed a little bit iffy because of the above reasons. Publishers probably have the right to block and take down share functionality on their games. I can understand the take down if the reason who was because the content is something offensive or the person sharing is doing it just to be a spoiler troll (although I don't really care much about spoilers), but I hope takedowns don't occur just because "DCMA: nuff' said.".

My ultimate question posed is:

Who controls the button?

(sorry, bad pun)

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Sony has already said that the developers/publishers have power over what can be shown because of "spoilers."

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I'm sure if publishers don't want people to stream gameplay of their games, they are not gonna bother with releasing games on PS4.

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@raineko said:

I'm sure if publishers don't want people to stream gameplay of their games, they are not gonna bother with releasing games on PS4.

The Xbox One has basically the same thing. So the Wii U just won the generation?

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That reminds me. I gotta go get a Twitch channel

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My mind!

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@ostratego: I think the key difference is the "making a profit" line. The publishers that go after the amatuer journalists usually do so because the amatuer journalists are making money by using ads on the youtube videos. Pro journalists like Giant Bomb does not use youtube ads so they sidestep the problem, in the same way the share button won't allow you to profit directly from the videos.

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