Trophy sync issues.

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So, I finished call if duty ghosts single player the other day and ran into a issue. I kept getting the trophy unlocked notifications in game, but they still said they weren't unlocked in the trophy menu on the dashboard. Also, whenever I tried to sync, I kept getting a error message saying it couldn't connect to the server and it would error out. So, I initialized the ps4. First I did a quick initializer ion, then I decided I might as well do a full initialization just to be sure. Then I downloaded my previous games and transferred the file, and then I said "eh , I'll rebuild the database just to be sure." (From what I read, doing all this dosent damage the console, correct ?

So after all that, it's still showing that those CoD trophies weren't unlocked. Is there anyway other than playing the hand again to get those trophies back. Also , is all that initilizing and database rebuilding I did safe ?

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Why do you care about the trophies that bad? Really...?

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I had a similar sync problem when I played some Battlefield 4. Someone online said to play the game until I got another trophy and to immediately press the PS button and go to the notifications and click the trophy and it should sync properly. That worked for me. No idea if it will help you or not, but I guess it couldn't hurt to try. Some more info in this link.

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@metalbaofu: would doing that initilizing and database rebuilding stuff I did hurt anything? Seems to be ok I think.

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@raven_sword: Nah, I don't think that should hurt anything. I believe rebuilding the database is basically the same thing as defragmenting a PC. Not sure what the initializing does, but you said it's working fine, so I assume it didn't hurt anything.

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@metalbaofu: as far as I can tell the initilizing does a factory restore to the system. Like you would do to a smartphone or something.

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@raven_sword: Ah, then yeah, I doubt that would hurt anything. Might would lose some saves and stuff if you didn't back them up.

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@raven_sword: Happened to me. It has to do with syncing a save or something that messes with the trophy information. Or something like that. It happened with me on Doki Universe. What I did was re install the game, then sync the trophies, and it worked fine.

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@raven_sword: I have a bad habit of never backing up my saves unless I need to for some reason. I really should go put the ones I don't want to lose into "the cloud" in case my PS3/PS4 ever dies or something.

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@metalbaofu: yeah, plus does make it easy since it does it automatically.

My issue is I keep worrying my system is not performing right. Like graphic wise, performance, or etc. when I see pop in ir something, I think it's the system. And not just the game having pop in.

It pisses me off because I'm worrying so much that I'm not even enjoying the console :/

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@raven_sword: I'm pretty sure that stuff is probably game related. Always gonna have games that don't perform well at times or have some kind of graphical problems, like pop in. As long as the system isn't hard locking all the time or something, then I would assume it's probably fine.

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I had this sync issue. I had to go through all my games, earn a trophy in each one to see if that game had caused the sync issue.

It was caused by Escape plan, the fix was to play, earn a trophy and then sync.

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@metalbaofu: yeah, and like if something graphically dosent look amazing or maybe a bit unimpressive I think it something to do with my console hardware and maybe not due to the game itself.

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Like, BF 4 seems like it has a fair amount of pop in in places. Like texture pop in and environment pop in.

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