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To be honest it looks as though it's borrowing a lot from the new Windows experience. Which I love. Looking good so far!

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Looks in line with their recent PSN interface update, of which I think pretty highly.

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It looks pretty rad. Big and fun and clean.

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Looks nice and clean, but I expect there to be ads somewhere on there.

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These are all screenshots from the ps4 meeting, i think. what i am interested in the most is what it looks like after you booted the system and how easy it will be to access your library and the store. god, i really hope the don't separate the store from the rest again. starting an app to browse new releases sucks on ps3.

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It looks.. temporary. Something about it seems off to me, and I would've hoped they'd settle for something more stylized/"modern". The new PSN store definitely felt in a step in that direction, so I was surprised to see a layout this simplistic.

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End of an era this is. Goodbye XMB.....i just want to say I loved you

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@Kinapuff Yes I agree, I hope they do something more stylized, I'm sure with all the console horsepower they could add some animations and textures to pretty it up. Sony didn't disclose how much of the RAM/processor is dedicated to the OS but I assume its enough to have a good interface.

The screen shots make it look a lot like the current PSN interface which runs like ass. I've never cared for the cobalt blue background and the san serif typeface looks too much like the Windows Metro fonts which are just an iteration of Segoe.

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Really not liking it. The blue is just too obtrusive, I'd hope you can theme that to something less overwhelming. The rest, the information pages are too cluttered. I like the share / video edit screens more as they have more focus.

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Looks like a confusing mess but hey.... that seems to be the trend now days right?

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It's not the Vita UI, and that's what I'm happy about. I do like the Vita UI to some degree, but that's because it's on a handheld with a massive touchscreen on the front. When news came out that the PS4 controller would also have a touchscreen, I was afraid that they'd try to get the Vita UI to work somehow with a TV and controller. Keep in mind that the XMB was used on a lot of Sony devices, so my fear was that Sony would be trying to make a new universal UI for their products, based on what's on the Vita.

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It could be a lot worse. The UI has obvious inspirations from Windows 8 and other Metro-style services, but it's using a controller so it's fine. Windows 8 is trash because you are trying to use a mouse & keyboard on something made for tablets. That won't be much of a problem for the PS4 and it's controller (possibly even be using the touchpad for the menus).

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Looks fine to me. I appreciate the trend towards tiles, as they make a bunch of stuff on screen seem neat and less cluttered. The more stuff you can pack on the screen, the better.

I'm mainly more concerned with how it runs. It reminds me of the look of the new PSN, and I really like that look, but it runs like a constipated elephant. I suspect those problems will be eliminated with better hardware, but it's hard to say how well it will perform five or six years from launch when there will possibly be a newer, more taxing UI for the PS4 to deal with.

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I loved the XMB but I guess this looks fine.

In any case, the 360 taught me that you can have great gaming experiences even if your console has a terrible UI, so I'm not too worried.

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looks pretty decent. not the most inventive design i've seen, but it seems functional enough. not a big fan of that blue, however.

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@xyzygy said:

To be honest it looks as though it's borrowing a lot from the new Windows experience. Which I love. Looking good so far!

A ton of things are, web design, billboards, and a lot of Mobile OS's are taking a bit of Microsofts design. It's odd to think Microsoft is leading the charge in design now and not Apple or Sony.

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Looks pretty clean! I like it a lot!

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I guess I'll get used to it, although I still miss the XMB on Vita.

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