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Hey everyone, quick question...

One of my friends is lending me his PS4 while he moves. If I register my username to it and download the free PS+ games I have access to, will I end up having an issue once I buy my own own ps4?

Just wanted to double check to make sure I wouldn't have some issue with my username originating on a different ps4 when I purchase my own down the road.


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This might answer your question®store-content-from-a-different-playstation-system

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If it's his PS4, then it should be registered as his primary PS4, and you'll be signing into it. Then, when you get your own, you'll register your PS4 as your primary, and you'll be able to download and play any games that you have purchased or have on PS+.

Also, while you are logged into his PS4, you should be able to download and play anything that you own/PS+. That's my understanding of how it works.

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No it wont mess anything up, the only thing you have to make sure of is not to set it as your "primary" PS4, and that can easily be changed later on so long as you have access to the PS4, you can even deactivate it from the internet if you need to. Having your account linked to a PS4 as the primary allows other users other then yourself to play and use your downloaded games and DLC, but you can only have one primary PS4. So if you plan on letting other people play your downloaded games and DLC on your own PS4 when you finally buy it you shouldn't have it set as the primary.

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Thanks guys. Alright, I'm hoping his should already be on there as the "master account" and then when I get my own I'll set mine to the master account on that, if that makes sense.

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