Using a PS4 controller on PC? How is it right now?

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Hey duders,

So I'm thinking of buying a PS4 controller now for my PC.. I'm not gonna pick up a PS4 until Infamous comes out on it..

How is the experience at the moment on PC with the controller? No vibration, right? Just sticks and buttons?

I imagine you have to download some third party program to map the buttons and stuff? Xbox prompts will still show up instead of PS button prompts right?

Thanks for all the help as always!

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I'm not sure why you couldn't get vibration on it. I also don't think you'd have to use a 3rd party program to map the buttons, should be able to do it in game. No clue where the xbox prompts is coming up.

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I assume you could use XPadder to reassign all the buttons and sticks

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So I bought a DS4 and hooked it up. It registers as a Generic game pad and worked with some games and not all. I couldn't get motionjoy or BetterDS3Tool to work with it properly so I used xbox360ce to map the buttons to act like a 360 controller. No rumble but all the buttons function how they do with a 360 controller. I would wait till some sort of official or third party drivers come out. I'm curious if anyone else has tried as well.

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@azraeill: Huh, I never really considered getting one right now to test it out on the PC. I guess I know what to do know on this mostly-free Tuesday!

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In doing a lot of research, it's probably best to hold off until there is more support either through third party drivers or official drivers. There is basic functionality, and using xpadder you can get it working.

If you're planning on getting a PS4, it'd probably be a worthwhile experiment and you'll have a second controller when the console launches. If you're a PC gamer like myself, stick with the 360 controller for now.

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@chiablo said:

If you're planning on getting a PS4, it'd probably be a worthwhile experiment and you'll have a second controller when the console launches. If you're a PC gamer like myself, stick with the 360 controller for now.

Yeah, unfortunately that sounds wise. Hopefully Sony gets on there horse and gets some drivers for that baby.

Thanks for the help everyone.

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I guess my only reason to try this out is because the controller is out now but by the time this is all sorted the Xbox One controller should be out and then good to go which I have a stronger preference for

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Yeah. I bought the controller to use as a second controller for my PS4, but I figured id tool around trying to get it to work like the xbox controller on my PC. It's not a terrible about of work but its not exactly plug and play.

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Only two games that I've tried it with have recognized it and supported it right off the bat, the games being DmC and red faction guerrilla. In both games the buttons showed up as generic numbered gamepad buttons. It also works with xpadder, it recognizes all buttons, even the touchpad button. I didn't have any rumble in either of the games.

In terms of the controller itself, I think it feels great, much better than the ds3. The triggers are the only thing I don't really like, they're still a little to squishy for my liking. The face buttons feel great and i think there positioning and spacing is really good, maybe even better that the 360 pad. The options and share buttons feel a little shallow but that doesn't really matter.

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I agree, the feel of the controller is probably tops right now. The only little gripe I have is the mechanical clicking sound of the face buttons which I never noticed with the 360 controller.

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Unless Sony or someone releases a driver for it to emulate a 360 controller, like the Logitech F710 does, then this is pointless.

Games are already supporting the MS gamepad and I don't really see them tossing in extra button prompts based on detection of what type of controller you are using.

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