Video Unlimited total garbage?

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Bought a movie off of the service on PS4 to check it out. It seems like there is no way to store the movie on the hard drive and the streaming is absolutely horrible. They have a speed tool before you purchase the movie and it said I was more that fine for HD playback but when I play it I can't get more than a bar of the quality. I left it paused for a while hoping it would buffer but it doesn't seem to buffer anything at all.

Anyone else having problems? Am I missing something. My internet is perfectly fine and speedy normally.

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Dude im having the same issue.. Its ridiculous. I want a refund.. The movie buffers every 5 seconds. I have a 110mbps internet speed.

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With so many options it is not worth getting a movie through Sony. I just use Amazon.

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Just remember to turn off the auto-billing before your 30 day trial is over.

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I was going to try it out, but the bad service on Music Unlimited turned me off. If they can't handle streaming music at a respectable speed, video sounds like a challenge.

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I would heavily advise buying a digital movie from amazon if you're gonna go that route. That or get flixster and buy UV movies with blu rays. I've always been wary of "console only stores"(xbox live, psn, wii u) video items because they're only on that one platform, and if I'm buying something I'd like to keep it around for awhile.

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This conversation is not giving me the "warm fuzzies" about PlayStation Now.

#8 Posted by Jakethesnakeyea (71 posts) -

I'm curious to see if it works. I don't really feel a need to use it for any games at the moment, as I own a ps3 and don't really need any BC stuff.

That said, it depends on who controls it. If Sony US has any say, it should be good. If not, I'm concerned.

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