What are some weird live streams you've seen on ps4?

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Yesterday I've finally got a ps4 (It's Amazing btw) and I was checking out some of the streaming. I happen to come across a whole lot of people streaming themselves, and basically having strangers just watch them. Yesterday I happen to come across this one live broadcast. Where this girl was half-naked playing with her boyfriend and calling up people from her chat. They both was sexual touching each other and getting a shit ton of views.

They also gave out their phone number to random people and called them up. The comments from the chat was just straight up perverted. Basically from people that find the girl to be sexy, and saying they was masturbating towards her. It was just funny the couple seem to be having a good time. They did some acts that people asked for such as having the guy spank his girlfriend, hold her breast, do pushups with her on top, but some they refused to do like having sex and performing a blowjob. It was a ridiculous session, but interesting to watch overall.

Anyway I might end up live broadcasting myself one day, just stream games and chat with people, but as of now I'm just still getting use to my ps4.

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I've been meaning to check out the ps4 streams. Y'know, to see what PS4 users look like.

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I uh...have better things to do than watch random twitch streams?

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I watched a few, the weirdest one was a British women with pierced nipples showing them off through her shirt. The chat was full of crap like "Take off your shirt" but she was having none of it and despite all the rowdiness she was handling teh room pretty well. She chatted for a while, discussed London, discussed games and talked about teh piercing after she showed them off through the tank-top she was wearing.

I cannot say I watch feeds every night, but at least twice a week if I have nothing better I'll sift through the feeds. It is actually very interesting to see other gamers hanging out ore hearing what they think.

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Saw a guy dressed in a Batman onesie drinking beer (probably a bit drunk) with his girlfriend. The people told her to do the Stone Cold Stunner on him but she didn't know so he did the Stunner on her and she copied. It was funny.

Another was a girl in a Stich onesie (Lilo & Stitch) just sitting on the floor talking.

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