What are your Plans for Launch Day

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#1 Edited by SMGBlanket (23 posts) -

1. Wake up

2. Talk about how excited I am on Giant Bomb and read a few articles

3. Play a PC Game

4. Call Gamestop to about what time I should go to pay off my pre-order

5. Watch YouTube Videos and Eat Lunch

6. Go with my dad to get McDonalds to wait until midnight and to GameStop to Pay-Off Pre-Order

7. Wait Outside with my dad for however long I need to

8. Pick Up PS4,Watch Dogs,Call of Duty,and PS+ Card

9.Go home Hook it Up

10. Play Call of Duty: Ghosts

11. Play Watch Dogs Until I pass out

#2 Posted by DonChipotle (3035 posts) -

Probably watch whatever quick look Giant Bomb will have that day while I wait for mine to arrive in the mail.

#3 Posted by Lord_Xp (648 posts) -

I'll do this list format as well.

  1. Schedule my vacation for the launch date and days afterward
  2. Wake up day before launch and pace around my house until 3pm
  3. Eat something terrible for me
  4. Go to GameStop and pay off pre-order
  5. Go to some food place with beer
  6. Go to Best Buy and look at all the people camping and probably talk to them
  7. By 6pm go look at GameStop to see if there is any activity there
  8. Probably none there
  9. Wait until 8 or 9pm to wait in line and hope my phone is charged to keep me preoccupied while waiting
  10. Get Ps4
  11. Play Watch Dogs, Assassin's Creed IV, Call of Duty: Ghosts, Knack, PlanetSide 2
  12. Pass out with Monster and game headset on me

Repeat step 11. for many days ahead in no particular order. GameStop and the Best Buy are right next to each other basically. I'll take pics and post them to here/twitter probably.

Went to GameStop and asked how many pre-orders they have. They said there are 50 which is surprisingly lower than what I expected. I have a feeling Best Buy is where it will be at and of course Amazon.

#4 Posted by SMGBlanket (23 posts) -

I would put school in there also if It is a school day and if it is I am taking the next day off

#5 Posted by BestUsernameEver (5025 posts) -

1. Stare at the wall for 2 years.

2. Pick one up in 2015 with a bunch of games and probably a slightly discounted model by then.

#6 Posted by Lord_Xp (648 posts) -

1. Stare at the wall for 2 years.

2. Pick one up in 2015 with a bunch of games and probably a slightly discounted model by then.

I'd watch that Live Stream the whole time

#7 Edited by Daneian (1306 posts) -

Games girls grub.

#8 Posted by BaneFireLord (3085 posts) -

Go to class and do homework. If I did decide to go through with my preorder, I would probably set up the system after dinner sometime, play Watch Dogs for a bit and go to bed.

#9 Edited by Lexus2jz (93 posts) -

1. Go to work

2. Wait until girlfriend calls and says my PS4 and XB1 have arrived (if they launch on the same day).

3. Leave work and go play games.

4. Go back and close the store at 10:00.

5. Go home and play more games.

#10 Posted by MikkaQ (10296 posts) -

I'm guessing it's a Tuesday so:

1. Go to work

2. Get home

3. Beer

4. Pass out

5.Wait till Saturday and pick up a PS4 off a shelf cause I've never had to pre-order a console and see no need to start now. I found a DS on launch week and I'll find a PS4, no problem. Just gotta avoid the large chain stores.

#11 Edited by awesomeusername (4528 posts) -

If I happen to get one launch day, it'll be:

  1. Wake up
  2. Be super excited
  3. Run around my house until I get it
#12 Posted by awesomeusername (4528 posts) -

@lord_xp: I'm pretty sure 50 is the max amount of pre-order's a store can take for PS4's.

#13 Posted by tourgen (4568 posts) -

I'll probably try to take the day off and check out a few shops in town. pick up a game or two and see how well things are selling. Amazon launch-day PS4 should get dropped off that afternoon.

Man I hope they come out the same day. I just want to see the madness.

#14 Posted by BeachThunder (13142 posts) -

Watching the inevitable GB livestream.

#15 Edited by Clonedzero (4206 posts) -

i dont know, its like several months away....

#16 Edited by ConfusedOwl (1023 posts) -

Go to school and not be able to do any work or listen to the teacher because I'll be too excited. I'm not one of those people who will skip work or school for games but it'll be hard to do anything in class all day. I'll also be worried they fucked up my pre order because this is EB and I'm really paranoid.

#17 Edited by thebunnyhunter (1516 posts) -

You know im gonna take the day off of work, not to get the console (well im getting one on launch) but to watch the Giantbomb Livestream of all launch titles.

#18 Edited by MetalBaofu (1470 posts) -

Wait for the console to show up from Amazon. Hook it up. Play something.

#19 Posted by spankingaddict (2826 posts) -

@metalbaofu said: Wait for the console to show up from Amazon. Hook it up. Play something.

#20 Posted by ShadowConqueror (3285 posts) -


#21 Posted by davidwitten22 (1712 posts) -

I'll probably go to work, eat some food, watching some streams and play some games on my fancy computer or PS3.

#22 Posted by Vonocourt (2174 posts) -

Request off for work that day and maybe the day after, if I don't have classes that day watch the giantbomb coverage until Amazon delivers mine.

#23 Edited by Seppli (11233 posts) -
  • Set it up.
  • Knock on wood.
  • If everyting works...
  • Play games.

Going with BF4 at launch. As a 'One Game at a Time' guy, it would be wisest to only buy one game at a time. Will see if Wisdom prevails. I really want to play NfS Rivals too. A nice exclusive like Killzone wouldn't be wrong either. That said, having more than one game at a time really is to the detriment of my enjoyment of all the games I bought. I'll just feel torn. I'll already feel torn between what I'll end up buying, and Drive Club being free from PS+.

In all likilhood, it'll be Battlefield 4 until I tire a bit of it. Could be several months. Then it's definitely NfS Rivals. Honestly - NfS Rivals probably is the most fun game I can imagine playing, but Battlefield is my jam - and I'm likely more passionate about it. It's just not pure joy like Need for Speed is, but an intoxicating mixture of highs and lows. Just hope the highs will be higher, and the lows will be less low, than they were in BF3. I'm hopeful. Everything I've seen about it looks rad, other than again being a bit too bright and dark (if you've played BF3, you know what I'm talking of), and just way too serious.

That said. I'll play the campaign first, and then it'll be weeks and weeks, maybe months or even years, of BF4 multiplayer.

#24 Posted by Hunter5024 (6363 posts) -

If I have my way I'll be picking the console up at midnight, along with a copy of Knack, and maybe Watch Dogs. Then on the way home I'll get some nice food and stay up all night playing it. Of course I'll need a new job, I'll have to secure my preorder, and I'll have to see a little more about those games first.

#25 Posted by Roger_Klotz (806 posts) -

Plug in Ps4. Watch Netflix.

#26 Posted by ripelivejam (6078 posts) -


#27 Edited by Krakn3Dfx (2704 posts) -

If it's a weekday launch, definitely taking the day off.

If it's Saturday like it has been historically, going to wait for Amazon to show up with my PS4 and watch GB coverage hopefully.

If it's Sunday, I'll probably just curl up in a corner and cry, since my Amazon launch day delivery choice will have been in a vain.

#28 Posted by Morningstar (2321 posts) -

A big fat sigar.

#29 Posted by BD_Mr_Bubbles (1834 posts) -

OP # 11, nuff said

#30 Edited by Zaccheus (1829 posts) -

Probably watch whatever quick look Giant Bomb will have that day while I wait for mine to arrive in the mail.


#31 Posted by Blu3V3nom07 (4201 posts) -


  1. Wait til 6PM, til UPS gets to my house. Its the Wednesday after anyways.
  2. Set it up for about 15 minutes.
  3. Download a bunch of games.
  4. Play some games hours later.
#32 Posted by BestUsernameEver (5025 posts) -

@lord_xp said:

@bestusernameever said:

1. Stare at the wall for 2 years.

2. Pick one up in 2015 with a bunch of games and probably a slightly discounted model by then.

I'd watch that Live Stream the whole time

And the livestream fun wouldn't stop once I got it, share button streams!

#33 Posted by troll93 (450 posts) -

Do normal shit, maybe at lunchtime call around a bit.

#34 Edited by Sterling (3195 posts) -

My normal day, because I will be waiting on UPS to drop it off from Amazon. Most likely during my free time check out what ever GB has put up about the system/games.

#35 Edited by TruthTellah (9634 posts) -

I will watch the Giant Bomb all day live stream of launch titles.

#36 Posted by Choffy (477 posts) -
  1. Stroll to Best Buy around 12:10 to see if my preorder is still there. If so, pick it up and go to sleep.
  2. Wake up and see if my Amazon pre-order is set to arrive on launch day (which it should, since I ordered the Watch_Dogs Launch Bundle).
  3. Check eBay to see if I should return one of sell it.
  4. Either return one of them or sell it.
  5. Enjoy.
#37 Edited by Tyrrael (316 posts) -

My Plan for Launch Day:

  1. Wake up and get ready to go to the store.
  2. Drive to store.
  3. Arrive at store and ask employee for a PS4
  4. Listen as employee says they are sold out.
  5. Come to the grim realization that every store within 100 miles is probably sold out too.
  6. Drive back home and call every store in the city trying to find one even though it's hopeless.
  7. Be sad.
  8. Eat 6...no 8...no 10 TACOS!
  9. Be slightly happier because tacos are awesome.
  10. Now we play the waiting game.

Post Launch Day Plans:

  1. Wait between 1 day and 1 month for stores to restock. (hopefully it doesn't take longer)
  2. Buy a PS4
  3. Buy games to play (most notably Killzone: Shadow Fall)
  4. Have fun playing games.
  5. Take an occasional break to eat, sleep, use the restroom, go to work, and blink.
  6. Repeat steps 3-5 as needed, especially the blinking part. That one's a bitch, because you never realize you're not doing it.
#38 Posted by _Chad (999 posts) -

1. Wake up sometime in the afternoon

2. Wait for UPS (or maybe Fedex I don't know who gamestop uses.)

3. Sign for package (maybe I've only had to sign for one thing ever and it was a game console.)

4. Setup

5. Play games

6. Sleep

#39 Posted by Darson (470 posts) -
  1. Wake up
  2. Acquire said PS4 from a retailer and/or merchant
  3. Set up said console
  4. Wait for a few hours for it to set itself up and update
  5. Place a disc into said console
  6. Install said disc that was previously placed in said console
  7. Wait for a few hours while it installs
  8. Play game
  9. Get interrupted at the start menu and promptly sent back to the dashboard to install an update
  10. Wait for a few hours while it installs
  11. Kill self
  12. Profit? Hardly.
#40 Posted by Levio (1798 posts) -

Watch an episode of Jeopardy, make a ham sandwhich with low-fact mayo, see what Bernard is up to, take a nap at 2, and hopefully by the time I wake up the kids will be done with their homework so I can put them to sleep and mow the lawn.

#41 Posted by insane_shadowblade85 (1629 posts) -

I don't know since it's still a ways to go, but more than likely I'll watch whatever stream is up on the site and maybe drive around to see if there are any PS4s at my local stores.

#42 Posted by CornBREDX (6541 posts) -

I'll probably be working. Or on vacation. Either way it will just be another day.

I don't have the luxury of actually caring about console launches (as much as I wish I did, to be honest).

#43 Edited by Castiel (2922 posts) -

On launch day:

  1. Wake up
  2. Make breakfast
  3. Watch the newest vids on Giant Bomb while I eat my breakfast
  4. Brush my teeth
  5. Take a bath
  6. Get clothed... maybe
  7. Study for a couple of hours
  8. Feed my cat
  9. Make lunch
  10. Eat lunch while I watch a video or something
  11. Read a book
  12. Practice playing piano
  13. Maybe play a game or watch a movie
  14. Dinner
  15. Watch the newest vids on giantbomb, check facebook,mail etc.
  16. Brush my teeth
  17. Stay up till I pass out

Post launch day:

  1. Watch all the archived PS4 videos on Giant Bomb
  2. Pass out

6 months to a year after launch:

  1. Maybe buy a PS4?
#44 Posted by corruptsaves (280 posts) -

Try to wait till there are enough games out I would like, which include roughly what you are getting for your money. I know they would not push too hard with free to play until a large enough user base, then everyone can start to have fun charging us. Try to wait awhile to see if over heating is that bad, hopefully not may just end up being really loud.

Will probably just wait a little while to see if there is any disastrous jank to worry about. I wonder how long it will be till GTA5 comes out, that's more than enough game for me to get one! Is anyone waiting for GTA on next gen?

#45 Posted by mpgeist (655 posts) -

Go to work. Then wait for UPS to deliver.

#46 Posted by Tarsier (1491 posts) -

what games does this thing come with at launch? i dont think any of the ones that interested me at e3 are going to be on it. im not going to buy it unless there are at least 2 games worth playing the heck out of.

#47 Posted by Scroll (621 posts) -

1.Get fairly drunk the night before.

2.Wake up late.

3.Sign for the package.

4.Smell the package.

5.Play Killzone???

#48 Posted by djou (895 posts) -

I ordered mine from Amazon so I doubt I will have one on release day, even though its supposed to be here.

In that event I plan to watch the GB livestream and enjoy the patch/log in chaos. I may take the day off but depends on the release date. Would love to see a head-to-head standoff between MS and Sony.

If the console actually arrives, then try to figure out which game to buy since I didn't pre-order a game with the console.

#49 Posted by RazielCuts (3066 posts) -

Watching the inevitable GB livestream.

The correct and only answer. I want to see how things shake out first before I drop £400 - £500 on a new console.

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I am going to watch any and all GB video content and then go about my business.

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