What do you want to add to PlayStation 4

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#101 Posted by Marcsman (3218 posts) -

A waffle maker

#103 Posted by Humanity (9579 posts) -


If they can add a lot of that I'd be really happy.

Also if I could maybe plug in my 360 controller instead of the dualshock? Well one can dream..

#104 Posted by Ezekiel (478 posts) -

Backwards compatibility (including compatibility with PS3 controllers).

Free online.

More controller buttons. Replace the Share button with one that benefits gaming. The share function can be relegated to the main UI (PlayStation button).

Replaceable controller batteries.

#105 Posted by ToTheNines (752 posts) -

Killer Instinct

*waits for incoming rage*

#106 Posted by Krakn3Dfx (2498 posts) -

@ninessc2 said:

Killer Instinct

*waits for incoming rage*

You mean that Double Helix developed Killer Instinct game?

#107 Edited by ToTheNines (752 posts) -

@ninessc2 said:

Killer Instinct

*waits for incoming rage*

You mean that Double Helix developed Killer Instinct game?

Yes, I mean the Double Helix developed Killer Instinct 2013 coming out only on xbox ultra one!

#108 Edited by Krakn3Dfx (2498 posts) -

@ninessc2: That's the one I thought you meant.

Please see referenced picture.

#109 Posted by ToTheNines (752 posts) -

@ninessc2: That's the one I thought you meant.

Please see referenced picture.

I have no comment on the picture in reference. You could say I am indifferent about it.

#110 Posted by acer51 (34 posts) -

Free multiplayer.

#111 Posted by Verendus (348 posts) -

I'd add ability to change your PSN ID.

#112 Posted by Mr_Misery (261 posts) -

Install every game, easier way to look at trophies, and change my name. My biggest complaint about the PS3 is how slow it is but I'm sure that will change.

#113 Edited by LiquidPrince (16003 posts) -

A Naughty Dog game.

#114 Edited by TheManWithNoPlan (5795 posts) -

Complete Oculus Rift support would be nice.

#115 Posted by sonicrift (302 posts) -

Backward compatibility, for sure. I wish they could achieve that with a USB 3 device. I'd pay at most maybe $150 for that functionality. Even if they could just make it play PS1/PS2 games, that would be amazing. I have a PS2 hooked up still because I'm still interested in playing my old games. If they were all available on PSN, I'd be singing a different tune, but they're not. Some of my favourites are available on PS3 now. I could drop $60 rebuying some of the stuff I have on my shelf, but I'd rather buy a new game.

#116 Posted by SeanFoster (878 posts) -


#117 Edited by ProfessorEss (7444 posts) -

Something, anything that makes it a different experience than playing on a PC.

The only difference I see right now is that software costs more.

#118 Edited by GrantHeaslip (1644 posts) -

It would be neat if it could act as a Chromecast receiver. Probably not technically (since they'd have to be running some kind of Chrome VM on the PS4) or politically (since Sony has their own standard for this kind of stuff) feasible, but I'm wired enough into the Google ecosystem that it would be really convenient.

#119 Posted by RonGalaxy (3218 posts) -

REALLY wish it had twitch streaming. Pretty sure it means no live GB on ps4 (unless they make an app for it?)

#120 Edited by RonGalaxy (3218 posts) -

@crow13 said:

Oculus Rift support, 1TB hard drive, full disc installs. Would be great if Gaikai is included in PS+ at no additional charge for streaming old PS3, PS2 and PS games. That last one is super wishful.

Why would you want full disc installs? Why wouldn't you just buy the game digitally if you want it on your hard drive?

#121 Posted by Jimbo (9862 posts) -

Mouse support I guess.

#122 Posted by crusader8463 (14423 posts) -

I would like them to remove the paywall to play games online. I refuse to pay a monthly fee to play a game online that I just spent $70-$80 on. It's the reason I never touched my 360 and it has made me switch from buying a ps4 being a sure thing to me now waiting a long time until it has a bunch of single player exclusives I want before I buy one. If at all.

#123 Posted by acer51 (34 posts) -

We should forward this thread to Sony corp in case there looking for some ideas to one-up the Xbox.

#124 Posted by MattyFTM (14415 posts) -

Games. The current lineup seems relatively weak. There are some interesting games, but nothing that's even close to making me spend that kind of money on a console.

Of course, games will come with time. All consoles have relatively weak launch titles. It takes time to build up a decent library of games.

#125 Posted by LethalKi11ler (1407 posts) -


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