What is going to be MP go to game for PS4

Posted by BoFooQ (748 posts) 4 months, 21 days ago

Poll: What is going to be MP go to game for PS4 (159 votes)

Call of Duty 9%
Battlefield 6%
Destiny 58%
Something else 28%
#1 Posted by MooseyMcMan (11379 posts) -

Destiny. For me, at least. Can't get enough, and the game isn't even out yet.

#2 Posted by csl316 (9415 posts) -

I'm guessing Destiny for now, but I'd like to see something focused on full on giant battles.

Warhawk on the PS3 was an amazing game with a feel all its own. I'd like to see something like that come in and really resonate with folks. Maybe Battlefront will fit the bill.

Battlefield 4 is great, but it just makes me want to play Bad Company 2 instead.

#3 Edited by TheManWithNoPlan (5979 posts) -

Destiny I suppose. I'll probably try out the newest Cod and Battlefield when they come out though.

#4 Posted by mosespippy (4435 posts) -

@csl316: Now I think I recognize your username from the Warhawk days. Were you in one of the top clans? BSK or maybe CCX?

#5 Posted by SunBroZak (1341 posts) -

I'm holding out hope for the Planetside 2 port.

#6 Posted by csl316 (9415 posts) -

@mosespippy: Nah, never formally joined a clan. I believe we put something together on Gamefaqs but it was never super organized.

I can say that for some reason, I was really, really good at that game in random matchmaking. I'm not a huge multiplayer guy and not particularly great at most shooters, but Warhawk was something special. Just a shame that it took a while before they stopped accidentally wiping stats.

#7 Posted by mosespippy (4435 posts) -

@csl316: Ok, yes, I definitely remember you from the GameFAQs board. I think W_R was one of the most masterful trolls ever.

#8 Posted by BoFooQ (748 posts) -

Seeing the new COD trailers and stuff from E3 it looks real good. COD has been doing the same thing for years, which isn't that bad cause they have been slowly tweaking it. I have no faith in Battlefield working properly. Even after beta I have no idea what the focus of destiny is MP or single player.

#9 Edited by Zeik (2755 posts) -

I don't usually have "go to" multiplayer games, it's usually just what I feel like playing at the time. (If that doesn't happen to be a MP game then I don't play MP at all.) Destiny is definitely the type of game I'd probably go back to though, because it's more than just competitive multiplayer. I can only stomach competitve multiplayer for so long, but that's not usually a problem with co-op. Especially with Destiny's rather casual/low commitment multiplayer where I'm not expected to devote hours in a party with others.

#10 Edited by Zeik (2755 posts) -

@bofooq said:

Seeing the new COD trailers and stuff from E3 it looks real good. COD has been doing the same thing for years, which isn't that bad cause they have been slowly tweaking it. I have no faith in Battlefield working properly. Even after beta I have no idea what the focus of destiny is MP or single player.

Well the entire game of Destiny is basically multiplayer, you just have more freedom to ignore other players if you wish than some games. It definitely seems more about the co-op than the competitive multiplayer though, from my perspective. Although you can technically max out your level and completely gear your character through PvP, so I guess it's possible to never touch co-op. But the opposite is also true, and it feels like a larger majority of the content is devoted to co-op.

#11 Edited by ll_Exile_ll (1930 posts) -

Destiny, but The Last of Us should really be in this poll as well. Can't wait to get back into that game now with 1080p/60 and a good controller.

#12 Edited by KaneRobot (1823 posts) -

Of the three probably Destiny, just due to marketing if nothing else. The right answer is probably none of the above, though. I don't see Destiny having the longevity Bungie is probably hoping for it. I was pretty tired of the beta by the time I hit the cap, and the multiplayer was the last enjoyable part of the experience.

Then again, if Call of Duty actually turns out to be good, it may just wind up blowing Destiny out of the water. Shrug.

#13 Posted by Pushtoclose (34 posts) -

@ll_exile_ll I agree, that game I think had one of the best multiplayers, can't wait to try on ps4

#14 Posted by csl316 (9415 posts) -
#15 Posted by jgf (394 posts) -

It may also be Killzone. Aside from its mediocre campaign, its MP is actually quite fun. Once it hits playstation plus -which I just suppose it will- it may also become the go to MP game.

#16 Edited by mosespippy (4435 posts) -

@csl316: I didn't like him for months, but then I found out his identity (from a random hate mail from a matchmaking game). Then I got invited to B.T. and he was on B.T. and he was a beast. He's one of the few players I know who flies pro 6axis. He smokes Params.

Pretending to be a shitty player who claims to be the greatest just to get everyone to hate you is funny. Sneaking his way into a top clan full of people who hate him and being better than them is some next level troll.

#17 Edited by Jazz_Bcaz (271 posts) -

I feel the hype is pretty real for Destiny right now. Would love to see The Last of Us get a larger multiplayer following as previously mentioned by @ll_exile_ll, but I don't see it gaining any sort of dominance.

#18 Posted by EVO (3940 posts) -

Hopefully The Last of Us, if they sort out the connection issues.

#19 Posted by Slag (4846 posts) -

BattleCall of Destiny to be sure.

#20 Posted by Lnin0 (169 posts) -

Battlefield delayed to 2015 so that kind of takes it out of the running.
Destiny PVP was bleh. Stuck between trying to be Halo but not trying to be Halo, and finding some uncomfortable middle ground to face plant itself.
COD looks to be more of the same proven formula with the biggest remix since MW. So, if you enjoy CODs gameplay but have been longing for a fresh take, this is probably the best place to bet your money.

If you are talking coop mp then Destiny may prove to be a solid choice, but then, you should also throw Evolve's name in the running.

#21 Posted by Blu3V3nom07 (3776 posts) -

I'm thinking Halo 2 Anniversary, with Destiny close behind for me.

#22 Posted by onyxghost (319 posts) -

Destiny= Halo

Which means I'm in love.

#23 Posted by HouseOfBalloons (46 posts) -

Destiny for for sure, but the PvP really needs to be balanced before a lot of people just get annoyed with it. Other than that, I'm looking forward to the new CoD since I've stepped away from that franchise for so long.

#24 Posted by ch3burashka (5239 posts) -

Uncharted 4.

#25 Posted by RyanOehrli (7 posts) -

Destiny. The entire marketing focus of the game has been on the multiplayer, and people are excited about playing with friends. Call of Duty games do a good job of holding attention for long periods of time, though. And the new one DOES look pretty cool.

#26 Posted by Budwyzer (628 posts) -

Tossing my hat in the ring for DCUO. Even though I don't play it because I can't bring myself to pay that subscription.

#27 Edited by twi (64 posts) -

The last of us, has been great on the PS4. I highly recommend it!

#28 Edited by MonkeyKing1969 (3017 posts) -

I think the concept of one game being the "go to" game is antiquated, that is not how people play games anymore. All games have MP modes of some kind and they all get played to a greater or lesser extent. CoD is always going to sell the most, but it is pretty much impossible to say any large percentage of system owner will play it like some sort of zeitgeist phenomenon.

#29 Posted by mbradley1992 (386 posts) -

I really hope that Destiny becomes WoW on PS4/X1. To clarify, I hope that they build so much content that we don't need a new base game every 2 years, but rather can just keep downloading expansions. It'd be awesome if Destiny became this mammoth sized game that you could play for 4-5 hours a week building and leveling and taking missions, much like WoW, where your friends all are. COD has always been that game that gets played a few hours a week casually just to keep playing something year-round. If Destiny became that with actual missions and planets rather than just arena-based deathmatch, it'd be awesome. That all said, I don't think it will.

#30 Posted by GERALTITUDE (3528 posts) -

Prepare to meet your Destiny.

#31 Edited by BigBoss1911 (2542 posts) -

I'm thinking Halo 2 Anniversary, with Destiny close behind for me.

I didn't know halo 2 was on playstation.

#32 Edited by Frobitz (198 posts) -

I would have said Destiny but I've slowly cooled on that game as more of it's been revealed to the point I'm considering cancelling my pre-order and waiting for reviews.

Surprisingly, I'm finding myself going with The Last of Us Factions multiplayer. The way the meta-game and the survival mechanisms brought in from the single player influence the game play is fantastic. After playing Tomb Raiders laughably bad MP, it's refreshing to see the online side of TLoU has had some care lavished on it and thematically matches the story. The emphasis on stealth, teamwork and resource gathering is much more quietly revolutionary than Titanfall's flashy parkour and giant robots, in my opinion.

In fact, f there's a TLoU 2 I'm sort of more interested in the multiplayer now that Ellie and Joel's story is told. Hope they really expand on what they've done with extra game types, possibly even tying them in to the meta game so events determine the kind of match you play. Would love to see the infected brought into the game as well, whether as wildcards in competitive matches or in some kind of co-op mode.

#33 Edited by isomeri (1408 posts) -

I don't know really. I suspect that most of the Call of Duty crowd will stick with Xbox, and the competitive stuff in Destiny didn't seem all that great. Actually that Last of Us multiplayer seems to have gathered a following.

#34 Posted by Marcsman (3286 posts) -

Need better options.


Diablo III UEE

Assassin's Creed Unity

Dragon Age's Inquisition.

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