What microphones are the PS4 using online?

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There's mics on the camera, one in the controller, and the mono headset mic plugged into the controller. Which mics are being used for online multiplayer? I'm always hearing someone's microphone in AC4: Black Flag and am wondering if maybe they don't know which device is recording as well.

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I would expect if a mic is plugged into the controller, the camera is disabled in MP - but if you're streaming, MAYBE the camera mic AND the controller mic is working at the same time? (actually you're asking a good question)

Someone should test this?

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Cant be that hard. Scratch the mics one at a time and see wich one makes an awfull noice.

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I will be honest, the mic that comes with the PS4 works incredibly well for me. The volume goes loud and the voice quality is nice. However, the retail mic I purchased kind of sucks. The volume at its highest setting was incredibly low but the voice quality coming in and out seemed to be clear. I stopped using it and went back to the stock PS4 headset, for now. I will say that it seems like the mic has some issues with hearing my own voice and my friend noticed that he got the same, but only when using the PS4 mono-earbud. Not sure if there are some issues with the mic itself or something else.

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There's no mic in the PS4 controller, the holes on the face of it are for the speaker.

You have to plug in the earpiece to get any voice to the PS4. Or use the camera.

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I believe that if you're using a headset mic, that takes priority. If you're not using a headset, then the camera's mic will be used if you have one. If you don't have either, you're out of luck. (To the best of my knowledge, there's no "built-in" mic on the controller, just a speaker).

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Oops, I didn't realize the holes on the controller were just for the speaker.

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The pack in mic while pretty cheap in design is surprisingly good quality in use. I've been using that for chat. Would use my iPhone headphones but the mic is busted on it.

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Oops, I didn't realize the holes on the controller were just for the speaker.

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Stop making multiple threads.

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