What price it TOO much for the PS4?

Posted by djou (895 posts) 2 years, 4 months ago

Poll: What price it TOO much for the PS4? (424 votes)

$599 44%
$529 38%
$429 15%
I plan to buy an next XBox 3%

After last night's PS4 announcement, there seems be a general consensus that Sony didn't mess up their next gen console. The hardware specifics were scant, but its safe to assume it will be out this year by the holiday and they will make some type of release/price announcement at E3. I personally am ready to pre-order but my enthusiasm is not unmitigated. I'm not willing to pay $599 and I hope Sony doesn't make this mistake at they did with the PS3.

So, what would you pay for a PS4, let's say the base model is everything announcement for the meeting with a 500gb HDD and some (not all) the online services went behind a pay wall that requires a PS+ sub.

Kotaku speculated $429 and $529 which seems good to me but with all that DD5 ram I'm dubious about the cost unless Sony is willing to sell the console at a huge loss.


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@hunkulese:I wanted to make the options realistic. $749 for a base model would obviously be too much, but would $600? Base model would be all the crap they talked about with a 500gb HDD and that weird kinect thing that I assume they will force on all the users. Personally I would consider a $749 bundle if they included the premium model along with a Vita.

There's been a lot of discussion about subsidized versions but I don't see it. Sony is not like MS who wants to compete with Apple by having retail stores that sell phone services. The few Sony stores around are more show rooms than retail shops. They also pushed a theme of simplicity at the meeting and nothing is more simple than a high/low option.

I assume the console will only be available in NA at launch with roll outs around the world based on stock availability. Multiple versions of the console and subsidized options at launch will confuse the message. I can see a subsidized version down the line, maybe replacing the first price drop, but not launch.

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I'd really rather not break 40,000 yen if I could help it. I don't really make enough money to be spending more than that (Yeah my job pays crap)

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Ted Price.

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I wouldn't mind paying $600 or more if there are games I want to play. The one thing I learned from this generation is that these consoles can be a nearly 10 year investment, and I've gotten thousands of dollars of use out of my consoles.

Give me the games, don't skimp on the tech or features, and I'll pay whatever price they ask. Hell, that's what disposable income is for.

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I'm guessing it's going to be $399 for base model and $499 for the top end. If anything I hope the entry level doesn't' exceed $499.

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I would pay, $529, but I don't expect to pay even that much, as long as the bare-bones doesn't exclude anything that isn't owner replaceable. My plan is to buy a bare-bones PS4, put in a 1TB HDD (if that what you can do). I'll pay whatever the base price is as long as it isn't over $500. But, I have no interest in pack-in games or extra doo-dadds. I'm not going to stand in a line either, if it takes two weeks to get it that's fine, but I am not buying from retailers with bundles and I am not waiting in line.

Purchasing electrics should be civilized, not something involving a pack of red-necks knocking down the doors of your Wal-Mart or pushing past a bunch of neck-beards who love iCrap. I have a dream that when I leave a store with my $500 purchase it should be wrapped in aluminium foil shaped like a swan...I want to feel special damn-it!

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I could see $499 for the console, $599 if it included a Vita. Doubt that would ever happen, but they really want the Vita to do well, so who knows how desperate they can get with that.

#108 Posted by Zirilius (884 posts) -

$500 is my limit as I plan on saving up $600 for the system to buy at least a launch game. If its less great free money for me if its more I'll be waiting on a price drop or investing it into my PC.

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Anything above $450 is too much for me. I doubt I'll buy one until a price drop regardless, but if it's $400, I'd seriously consider buying one day one.

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I'm probably going to wait a while, like I always do, but I was thinking about the installment plan MS was trying out and I think if Sony use that, they could get away with charging whatever they want.

Would you pay $60 a month for a year? That sounds a lot easier to swallow than $700.

Imagine all of the hype and all you needed to get the console was $60 in your pocket. Or pay 100 or 200 or whatever you want, and pay the rest later, over the next few months. I think they could get me with that.

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I have no self control so I'll pay ANYTHING! but seriously I would say anything above 600$ is to much, at least for me.

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I am really looking to buy it, but not if it's over 450-500-ish (euros, that is). Playstation 3 was too expensive at launch, especially considering the fact that the console itself got cheaper over time, and the HDD got bigger.

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$499 is my limit, nothing more than that. If it is above that, than Ill just wait it out.

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Personally wouldn't spend more than $400USD (before taxes) on it. Even if it launches at that price point I would still wait a year or two for its library of games to beef up.

... or I'd buy it for any price at launch on a whim. Saving money isn't exactly a strength of mine.

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I personally think that it would be wise of them to stick to the $299/$399 price scheme with base and premium model respectively. Although I'd probably be willing to go as high as $499. $599 and they're making a big mistake.

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Where's the "I plan to stick with my PC till the day I die" option? Platform loyalty motherfucker!

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Around 450 would be decent i think BUT it can't have any sort of subscription based internet or anything like it. That would scare a lot of people away (like myself). Pc is my main gaming platform and whatever sony will do it will always stay second. Which means i might go a month or 2 without using my ps4 (like now with my ps3). So i don't want a monthly fee for something i'm not sure i will use enough to justify paying for it.

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