what shooter should i get for my ps4?

Posted by jeanespinosa21 (111 posts) 2 years, 7 months ago

Poll: what shooter should i get for my ps4? (155 votes)

C.O.D 8%
Battlefield 4 37%
killzone 54%

please help i can only afford one

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Knack, battlefield 4 for the sick as multiplayer or Killzone for the stunning visuals.

#2 Posted by MightyDuck (1781 posts) -

After playing the Battlefield 4 Beta, I think that's the one I'd go with.

Although, I'm torn as to whether I should pick it up for the PS3 now, or wait until the Spring when I plan on getting a PS4.

#3 Posted by WickedFather (1694 posts) -

I thought PS4 owners were enlightened and over the shooter thing. PS4: reclaim the game.

#4 Posted by jeanespinosa21 (111 posts) -

@wickedfather: i usually prefer more story based games but since it's a console launch getting a game i can beat in one weekend and then have to wait months for another good game like that to come out is pretty bad at least with shooters the online will bring me back for months until the big games start rolling out

#5 Posted by JayEH (585 posts) -

Killzone looks really fun and I think that may be the PS4's best looking title graphically.

#6 Posted by JayEH (585 posts) -

@mightyduck: you can buy the PS3 version and then upgrade to the PS4 version later for 10 bucks. I think that offer is active until the end of March but I'm not sure.

#7 Posted by jimmyfenix (3941 posts) -

Killzone shadow fall.

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they're all pretty different games at this point so it just really depends on what style of shooter you like best.

#9 Posted by Strife777 (2003 posts) -

Killzone yo! Battlefield is a PC game (IMO.)

As for Call of Duty, hell I don't know! I'm buying it, but I'm not sure why.

#10 Posted by Buneroid (451 posts) -

Battlefield would be the game to most benefit from a new gen so I'd go with that one.

#11 Posted by handlas (3097 posts) -

Just give me your money instead. I'll buy a game with it. I'm very decisive.

#12 Posted by TooSweet (491 posts) -

I'm still kind of wondering which one to get myself. It's between BF4 and KZ. I'm waiting like a month or two to see if Call of Duty is worth it. Also I may be going digital on those purchases since it's FPS games.

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The one that let's you use a Mouse to aim so you don't have to rely on dodgy auto aim. Preferably at 1080p+ 60fps+.

A less trolly answer would probably be Call of Duty since that game likely has the best auto lock on solution of the three while maintains an enjoyable framerate.


"Moreover, a suitable frame rate, in particular, is critical for adequate game performance. Framerates as low as 3 fps and even 7 fps are almost un-playable as users cannot adequately target opponents. In fact, there are performance benefits for user play up through 60 fps, where a frame rate of 60 fps provides a 7-fold increase in performance over a frame rate of 3 fps."

- The Effects of Frame Rate and Resolution on Users Playing First Person Shooter Games

Killzone is going to be 30 fps and Battlefield 4 will be 720p 60 fps. Neither of which is acceptable.

If you are looking mostly for story, none of these games will have what you are looking for. Killzone Shadow Fall may have some kind of story going for it, but the two modern military games are probably going to be 4-6 hours of fighting Russians over a misunderstanding. If you are looking for a story based shooter you may have to wait a while or stick with the last generation. A PS4 version of Metro: Last Light was announced, but no date was confirmed and will probably not come out at launch or close to it.

#14 Posted by ZachMorrissey (21 posts) -

I had a very similar problem man, I went for Battlefield 4. Call of duty starts to get boring after awhile, and I didn't like the feel of Killzone; I think Battlefield gives you the greatest chance of crazy unpredictable shit happening. But I'd respect your choice if you went for something else!

#15 Posted by chrissedoff (2271 posts) -

Battlefield. Killzone 2 and 3 were not great.

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Killzone. I mean it's exclusive to the platform so that mean's it will be the more optimized and graphics capable/ intensive for the system right? Not one SKU from a big line of other platform releases. It also helps that its shaping up to be quite interesting with the Owl mascot power up device and the semi openness of the level environments.

If I had to choose something else it'd be BF as I'm so burnt out on CoD it's not even funny. Every year my enjoyment wanes ever more quickely after each release. I think this year will be the first year I haven't bought a CoD game since MW1. The leaning, sliding and depth of field stuff looks quite nice but it's not enough.

#17 Posted by mikey87144 (2085 posts) -

People are comparing Killzone to Crysis 1 so I'd go with that.

#18 Posted by falserelic (5725 posts) -

Killzone shadow fall.


shadow fall is lookin good, real good.

Loading Video...

#19 Posted by jgf (404 posts) -

Honestly, if you only have money for one game then wait some days till quicklooks and reviews pop-up. In the meantime you can enjoy some resogun and other free PS+ stuff. I bet it won't take long till the first videos are available. Then you can make a more informed decision.

Aside from the gorgeous optics killzone is kind of an unknown quantity. I remember the kz2 and kz3 to have quite enjoyable multiplayer. But they changed things up, so we don't know how things pan out.

For CoD we pretty much know what to expect gameplay wise, but the graphics could be a downer.

Then there is BF4, which will likely have good graphics and finally 64 player mayham. But BF4 multiplayer is quite different from CoD. It depends on personal taste, so thats something you can only decide for yourself.

#20 Posted by spraynardtatum (4342 posts) -

Killzone. I'll play with you.

#21 Posted by csl316 (12823 posts) -

For me, it would come down to Killzone for single player, Battlefield for multiplayer. I have the same dilemma, unless Battlefield turns out to have a solid campaign.

Granted, for my first shooter I just want crazy looking set pieces to help me justify buying a PS4. Haven't wanted that in years but for launch I'll make an exception.

#22 Posted by craigieh28 (82 posts) -

Honestly, if you can only afford one game, I don't think you will go wrong with any of these in terms of value for money. Have you tried picking one out of a hat (or tub, cup or small box), then gauging your reaction? I find that helps....

#23 Posted by THRICE_604 (217 posts) -

Personally I'm going CoD for my first shooter. And maybe picking up Killzone soon thereafter. I love Battlefield and I can't wait to get BF4 but after playing every console Battlefield since Modern Combat buying a new Battlefield day one is for suckers. There are always server issues at least the first week or two and major bugs and always some major imbalances but those take months for DICE to iron out. BF3 I waited a month to pick up on 360 and it seemed I was all the better for it. I want to believe BF4 is the one where they get it right but launching on two new consoles with new online infrastructures? Yeah I'm going to at least wait a week to see what the server stability looks like.

#24 Posted by TheKing (856 posts) -

Killzone looks great IMO, so I say that.

#25 Posted by sixnahalf (51 posts) -

Killzone is not great but the best game ever try it on your ps4 with full surround sound system the best game :D

#26 Posted by Lashe (1401 posts) -

Kinda in the same boat. Only really want to pick up one shooter at launch, bu it's probably going to be Killzone. I like what Guerrilla are going for this time round. Might jump on BF4 at Christmas.

#27 Posted by erhard (493 posts) -

Killzone or Call of Duty, if you can afford the online.

#28 Posted by korwin (3737 posts) -


#29 Posted by Darji (5412 posts) -

noteworthy is that all map packs for Killzone will be free so for that you do not have to pay anything morelike with COd for example. If you want vehicles and jets etc. than BF4 will be obviously your best option^^

#30 Posted by PhilipDuck (634 posts) -

Go for Killzone, exclusives are usually the better option.

#31 Posted by IBurningStar (2253 posts) -

Go with Killzone. You play Battlefield on PC. I don't know why people still care about Call of Duty.

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Same boat with me, although I've all but eliminated Ghosts. But if the reviews are good when they roll out, blahhh. Oh why did Watchdogs have to get delayed? :(

The campaign is very important for me as well, So I'm just kind of waiting to see how reviews shake out. Just hoping Killzone reviews are up a few days before launch!

#33 Posted by BRich (481 posts) -

Killzone looks pretty good graphically (I can't believe people care about a Killzone again after that last one.)

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@marc: its tough converting to next-fen when good games will come out every like 3-4 months -.- I think I'm going to get killzone

#35 Posted by GERALTITUDE (5313 posts) -

You can play Battlefield and CoD on current gen and on PC, Killzone is the obvious PS4 choice. Looks good too.

#36 Posted by PimblyCharles (1831 posts) -

I'd go with Battlefield 4 if you're into some really sick multiplayer action! If you're more of a single player campaign person, go with Killzone, because Battlefield 4's single player is pretty disappointing.

#37 Posted by marc (772 posts) -

You can play Battlefield and CoD on current gen and on PC, Killzone is the obvious PS4 choice. Looks good too.

I'm gonna have the PS4 at launch regardless, so there is no need for me to buy CoD or battlefield on current gen. I was just never big on killzone. been interested were it seems to be kind of a fresh start, but im still not sold it. Just gonna keep juggling the 3 in my mind for the time being and decide on 1 or 2 of them come launch day. I know I'll enjoy BF4, and I can't see why i wouldnt enjoy a bit of CoD as I havent played any of them since MW2. but killzone has my attention, but of course nobody who has played it is allowed to talk about it yet.

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@philipduck: Like Killzone 3 or Halo: Reach or Halo 4? Yup, no.
For the record, I am not saying KZ:SF will be disappointment, but while the visuals are stunning, it yet has to prove in gameplay.

Personally I'll be getting BF4 at launch, Killzone after christmas and won't get Call Of Duty at all.

#39 Posted by Nekroskop (2831 posts) -

Killzone if you're looking for something that hasn't had 25 games since 2001(CoD) or BF4 if you like fun.

#40 Posted by GW305 (23 posts) -

@verendus said:


Like Killzone 3 or Halo: Reach or Halo 4? Yup, no.

For the record, I am not saying KZ:SF will be disappointment, but while the visuals are stunning, it yet has to prove in gameplay.

Personally I'll be getting BF4 at launch, Killzone after christmas and won't get Call Of Duty at all.

Man those were some good games.

#41 Posted by Verendus (363 posts) -

@gw305: Last time I asked you to explain why they're better than their predecessors, you never gave me a reply and tried to turn it into youtube argument. So unless you can bring something up this time, your opinion doesn't really matter.

"I could care less about balance when the experience is absolute shit like it was on Halo 3. Also there was nothing wrong with the balance in Halo Reach anyway. Gottem. Argument won I am the victor I'd like to congratulate you on your wonderful attempt, Verendus. I will now be leaving this thread =)."

So unless you can bring something else than 7 year old's post above, I'd be grateful.

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Wait for reviews of Shadow Fall before making the decision?

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Killzone seems like a hit or miss franchise. Shadow Fall sounds more interesting than either of the other two, and will probably generate more discussion no matter its quality. If it were me, I would go for Killzone.

Battlefield and CoD are just going to be Battlefield and CoD. If you want to play it safe then pick whichever multiplayer you like better, though consoles have never seen a 64 player Battlefield game. To PC gamers it wouldn't seem like anything special, but it might be a hell of a leap for someone who has never done that before, so if you're going to play it safe then go with Battlefield 4. It's also got a much higher framerate on PS4, always a plus.

#44 Posted by kaos_cracker (978 posts) -

Killzone, if you have extra cash bucks then get Battlefield.

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I get Killzone bundled with my box, and I have bought BF4 on PSN and will upgrade to the PS4 version for a tenner next month. All the FPS a man needs, unless he enjoys CoD - which is not me (at least not enough to buy it over Battlefield).

#46 Posted by hughesman (314 posts) -

This is probably the wrong way to look at this, but I would say get Killzone sine it's the game that Playstation actually made.

Maybe I just have that point of view since I own a decent PC and Battlefield doesn't necessarily seem like a playstation game to me.

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64 player multiplayer and (I think?) dedicated servers should make the choice of Battlefield 4 easy.

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