What will the PS4 look like?

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I don't really have much of a care what the ps4 will actually end up looking like as long as it plays some sweet, sweet games. In saying that I do like me some futuristic looking technology and think they could do worse than follow the lead of their latest blu-ray player line. Give me those sharp angles, Sony.

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@bob_loblaw: I like the look of that a lot. I just hope it isn't quite as bulky as the PS3.

Ah, and less of a fingerprint/dust magnet would be best. Some kind of textured or matte finish that doesn't look too bad if it doesn't get cleaned every day.

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I really liked the design of the fat PS3, it has this real space age thing going on. If they could do something that evolves upon that, yet in a smaller package, I'd be down.

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I just want it to be as small as possible and well ventilated.

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@atramentous: Love it, you know every single button on it makes a satisfyingly meaty clunk and peep that sweet digital clock readout.

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How is a smaller package than the PS3 even possible when you've got multiple RAM chips and a GPU the equivalent of whatever the latest in AMD's technology is?

The consoles are PCs, and gaming PC towers have been getting bigger and bigger because they need ventilation and because the parts have become huge!

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Some kind of black rectangle

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bigger is always better.

The look of the system will have no effect on my decision.

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Scratch that. I think fake wood panelling is due a Renaissance.

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I'd really just appreciate something that I want to display and show off. An object that I want to have on my desk or by my television. Apple have really got this down to a tee and it'd be great if sony can create something really desirable.

I must admit the hardware that they have show, the controller and camera look great. That pad looks great, I want to handle it and it looks much more functional than the duelshock 3. Alls I ask is that it has a bit of weight to the pad, I like to know I have a controller in my hand.

But I do agree whats being said over the internet and with how this topic started, unless it was something really silly it won't sway my current view of it.

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It will look like that, but upside down and black.

I have no Photoshop nor skills..

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I think they will style it after the Playstation or Playstation 2 (but with a more modern flavor), just for the Nostalgia factor; because why the fuck not?

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call me crazy but I want it to look like a component you know something that you can put in a stack

like this but without as many knobs and buttons

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