Who controls pricing on the playstation store?

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Given the q&a piece elsewhere on the site, it seems like Sony might give some greater pricing control to developers this time around. Has anyone see. Any confirmation about freedom to set/change/adjust pricing relatively quickly with the upcoming console?

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Currently, I believe Sony controls pricing on the PS Store, but because of what they have said, I think it is pretty safe to say publishers (at least partially) will control the price on the PS4 PS Store (as long as there is a publisher, if not, I imagine the developers will do it themselves).

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At least from the Indie side, I believe Sony does completely. From what I understand they pay the dev/publisher in bulk (say, per thousand) for licenses and then price the game how they'd like. I think that's why you see some PS Minis being a fiver instead of 99p, because the dev asks Sony for 99p per license and Sony then sells at a profit.

I'm not sure how it works with larger games, but I assume that a publisher can request for a title to be included in PS+ (although I believe it usually goes the other way around).

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It'll probably change. The Wii-U gives greater control to publishers so I can't imagine Sony not doing that to

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