Will buying PS Plus from a shop work on a PS4?

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Sorry if this has been asked before. It seems like it would be worth getting some 365's as there only £30 in HMV. I won't be getting a PS4 till well into next year most likely, maybe a bit later than that. Has Sony said anything specifically about these packs working on PS4? I know they said it would carry over on your account. Also would they expire if you didn't redeem them?


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I believe if you redeem it on a PS3 with your account, it'll just transfer over to the PS4 when you sign on to it. That or they will use the same code thing that they been using.

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The PS Plus subscription will work with no problem on the PS4 when you get it. As for expiry, may want to read the fine print on the card. Haven't checked this here myself but there may be something in there about how long after activation at purchase you have to use the code.

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Yeah existing members just carry it straight over with your account so should all work fine.. i'm hoping!! Obviously the network isn't going to work on release just know it... ha

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Yes PS Plus purchased anywhere works on PS4, it is also the same on Xbox One and Xbox 360.

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I'm pretty sure the cards expire, so look at the expiry date before buying it. The date is usually pretty far into the future (maybe 1-2 years), so it's probably safe. The PS Plus subscription is platform-independent as far as I know (you can even redeem it on their website to build up your free games collection first). I don't know, though; committing to the subscription one year early just to save 10 pounds seems unnecessary to me.

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