Anyone still playing or even interested?`

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Was just curious about the state of this game.

Are any of you guys still playing today?

I am anyway, I've bought the DLC characters, I found myself playing it regularly by that l mean a couple of hours a weeks and it's all we play when my friends are around but l am invested in the PlayStation ecosystem.

Definitely hoping for a sequel but it seems unlikely with the relationship between SuperBot and Sony falling through. Especially since they didn't have a chance to use some of the major iconic PlayStation characters like Crash, Spyro, Lara Croft .etc. Also Future PS games look like to have interesting characters such as Last of Us

P.S Why the hell can't l play as a car from Gran Turismo? C'mon, It's like Sony's biggest franchise

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I don't see this game having any legs. It never seemed to catch on at all really. Who is the audience for taking this game seriously? The same one that is already playing smash at tournaments I assume. This game seems far, far worse as a tourney game than smash.

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@immortalsaiyan: It would help if Sony could get main iconic PS characters in the game like Crash also they need to market, advertise the game. In fact Sony need to do that with all their games.

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I got it (for free) on my Vita and borrowed the PS3 version from a friend. I plan to play it again on PS3... for the platinum trophy... But I have all the characters. Only got Zeus and Isaac because I pre-ordered God of War.

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