Characters I want to see (& some problems with the ones included)

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Yes, I know there is a thread about this here but fuck you I'm making a blog post of the characters I want to see damn it! As someone who grew up with the original PlayStation and arguably Giant Bomb's biggest Sony fan, I am crazy excited to play this game and can not for the life of me see how everyone else is not as well. Some people have the nerve (or ignorance) to say that there are not enough PlayStation characters to make this game interesting, I say fuck you there are more then enough.

Neptune, the protagonist from the hit PlayStation 3 exclusive series Hyperdimension Neptunia would be a great fit to join the battle royale. Sega currently doesn't have anyone representing them in the game and who better then Neptune? And of course I expect her dialogue to be as amazing as the the games dialogue.
Scarlett Blake
Scarlett Blake, from the much loved downloadable title Dead Nation. That game had so many unique weapons that her moves would basically make themselves. And for her level 3 she would of course be busting out the Shocker.
Kazuma Kiryu
Kazuma Kiryu from the Yakuza series is a bad motherfucker who people don't mess with. He fights the Japanese mob, he fights zombies, he even fights zombie mobsters. This man deserves a spot on this roster for those reasons alone.
The raging substance abusing, domestically violent father from this years PSN title Papo y Yo would be another good fit. He could go around being angry and hitting people, with his special being that he eats a frog and one hit kills people in a fit of rage.
To be quite honest with you I don't remember a whole lot about the story in the Gex games. Something about this chick with huge boobs giving you some kind of TV related mission. Anyway, in each area you would have a different look, and in battle royal he would be able to bust out these different costumes Kirby style (not that Battle Royale is in anyway similar to Smash Bros). He is not exclusive to the PlayStation but his best days were there and therefore deserves a spot.
Fred Neuman
Hey Giant Bombers, did you know that the PlayStation Portable actually had quite a few exclusive franchises? One of those was Dead Head Fred, about a guy who got his head cut off (but kept his brain) and is trying to get it back. The gameplay was about switching heads either to get through a puzzle or to beat up some dudes. Once again, another character whose attacks make themselves.
SVER Soldier
Massive Action Game (MAG) was the first (and to this day only) first person shooter with more than 200 players on a map at once. I haven't played it in a while, but at its peak it was truly a thing of beauty. Considering the fact that Sony shuttered Zipper, I think it is safe to say there will not be a MAG 2. They should, then, get a character from one of there games to represent in the battle royal. At the start of MAG, everyone had to chose one PMC to join (based on little more then this intro video) and then you were stuck with that team forever (unless you wanted to erase your character). By far the most popular team was SVER. Lets have a soldier from there representin' all the hard work Zipper did for Sony.
Barry Steakfries
Did you know that there are these things on the PlayStation store called PlayStation minis? One of the best of these minis was a game called Age of Zombies, starring Barry Steakfries. Mr. Steakfries is a likable, hilarious, and witty individual. Think Duke Nukem if he wasn't a bag of douche. I'm glad he has gone on to star in several other successful award-winning IPhone games because this is a character that deserved more recognition then he got at Sony. Still having him in this game would help give the battle royale roster some real heart and soul.
The Duke
My personal favorite PlayStation mini, Monsters (Probably) Stole My Princess stars a vampire called The Duke going around fighting monsters who most likely kidnapped his princess. He is feared by all monsters and actually has to chase them down to beat them. Depending on how many platforms you fit before beating each monster, you will get one of three take down animations. Last time I checked there are three special attacks per character in battle royale, making the duke a perfect fit. Also any man bad ass enough to fight Kong in a Thong deserves to be in this game.
No seriously guys, the PSP really did have exclusive games that were fun to play. Pursuit Force is another such example, where you play as the commander of the pursuit force and need to take down bad guys by jumping from cars to boats to plains. This action badass would give Jason Statham a run for his money. Also, seeing as how the developer BigBig was also shut down this year, I think it is important that they get a character representing their contribution to Sony.
Aya Brea
Aya Brea is the star of the Parasite Eve games that were released on the PlayStation One (with the third releasing on PSP). The games served as a sequel to the Japanese Horror Novel winning book Parasite Eve by Hideaki Sena. Aya is a bad ass fighter and with amnesia and the ability to switch bodies. She should be in the battle royale for those reasons, and also she would be another female in what is currently a total sausage fest of a fighting game.
Norman Jayden
Norman Jayden was my favorite protagonist in Heavy Rain and I feel he would be an amazing addition. A drug addicted FBI agent with a high tech glove and glasses, who wouldn't want this guy in the game? His introduction when fighting with other characters would be great as well, like discussing substance abuse with Papo, or asking Scarlett Blake if she is related to the Carter Blake.

These are not the only character that I think would be a good fit, but they are the ones I want to see the most and getting that damn chart thing to work is a pain in the ass so I did not want to add more to it. Other good fits include Death Jr. from the Death Jr. franchise, Rohn from Lair, Leonard from White Knight Chronicles, Gabe Logan from Syphon Filter, Joseph Capelli from Resistance, Ico from Ico, Wander from Shadow of the Colossus, Emmett Graves from Starhawk, Gene from God Hand, Selvaria Bles from Valkyria Chronicles, Lightning from Final Fantasy, Cullen Gray from SOCOM, Kat from Gravity Rush, Aveline de Grandpre from Assassins Creed, Joel from The Last of Us, and Jodie Holmes from Beyond: Two Souls. Yes, I realize that not even half of these character will probably make it into the final game. :(

Would it have been too hard to have him only use electricity?

The fact that there are so many fantastic characters that are associated with the PlayStation makes decisions like putting in Big Daddy from Bioshock (which originally launched on PC and 360 only, it's like putting Frank West on the roster) and Evil Cole like wasted character spots. Seriously, as much as I love inFamous, he easily could have been a costume swap. Those of you who have played inFamous 2, take a look at the Cole trailer and tell me you don't agree that he would have been just as great if instead of that ice attack level 2 it had been replaced with a tornado that simply goes in the direction your facing when activated (and doesn't last too long or go up too high), and instead of the level 3 being the tornado, have it be the giant lightning storm (you know, that bad ass attack that is the last one you get in the game). That way all the the attacks would be lightning based and a simple color swap could have been used if you wanted him to look good or evil and leave it at one character per franchise (as a "fuck you, you can't do this Nintendo"). It also irks me that they choose to go with Raiden instead of Solid Snake. I don't give a flying fuck if he was on Nintendo first, that franchise had its peak on the PlayStation and the main character should be in the battle royale. Besides, I associate this Raiden look more with the X-Box then PlayStation, especially seeing as how it was announced by Microsoft and is being made by Platinum Games (the guys who made the Bayonetta game that was great everywhere but the PlayStation).

I am actually quite pleased with the rest of the roster announced so far. Yes, even with Heihachi Mishima and Dante. The game is called PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, not Sony Computer Entertainment All-Stars Battle Royale and therefore I feel that characters that are closely related with the PlayStation platform are more then welcome. For a very long time Tekken could only be played either in an arcade or on a PlayStation console. It wasn't until this generation that a Tekken game finally came to the 360 (which is great, the fighting games are better at tournaments when there is competition from people that perhaps only have one console). Same goes for the Devil May Cry games, which started off as PS2 exclusives. I would also be ok with them adding Barry Burton, seeing as how Resident Evil got its start on PlayStation as well.

You may have noticed that I have yet to mention Crash and Spyro, but that is only because there is not a doubt in my mind that those two wont be the last two characters that SuperBot reveals. There is no reason for them not to appear, there is no bad blood between Sony and Activision, they are even making a special edition Call of Duty Vita system. You don't start the show with a show stopper. If these two characters aren't in the game, I will eat my hat (and possibly track down Bobby Kotick and punch him in the adams apple).

So are you guys excited for this game? Are you not excited? If not, then why? Are there any other character that you would like to see join the Battle Royale that I failed to mention?

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I don't like any of these character suggestions to be honest... they all seem like really C-tier characters that not many people will know and which don't make me think of Playstation.

Maybe Yakuza guy but certainly not Barry Steakfries... star of 1 playstation mini but well know though the mobile games. Or Papo... that game has only been out for a few weeks and isn't very good.

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Yeah... I don't agree with most of the characters you want. Maybe Gex and maybe Kazuma, but yeah, most of those characters are as said C-tier characters or less. I don't mind All-Stars getting a lot of 3rd party characters as long as the true PS All Stars are there.

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@49th said:

I don't like any of these character suggestions to be honest... they all seem like really C-tier characters that not many people will know and which don't make me think of Playstation.

Maybe Yakuza guy but certainly not Barry Steakfries... star of 1 playstation mini but well know though the mobile games. Or Papo... that game has only been out for a few weeks and isn't very good.

I want to see All the Stars of PlayStation, including representatives from the minis service that Sony offers, as well as pub fund games like Papo y Yo. This game should be a celebration of all things PlayStation (in my opinion) not just of the popular.

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Goooood luck dude.

How about the original Kry-Yu too? I'm just giving you a hard time. The only character I was really familiar with in this list was Aya Brea. She could actually work well in the game, considering the combination of her psychic powers (or whatever she has - mytochondrial something something) and guns. Dead Head Fred and Kazuma Kiryu are good picks too. The latter seems almost sort of possible for some reason. Maybe Papo too.

That said: GABE LOGAN.

No doubt, for sure, has to be in it. Anton Girdeux too.

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Keven Butler
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I agree with the dude from Yakuza and the Heavy Rain dude. Other than that, I prefer Sony's choices.

@GERALTITUDE: After replaying some of Syphlon Filter 3 (free from PS+) and seeing Gabe's awesome run animation, I am totally behind putting him in there. Just please, PLEASE keep him in the Syphlon Filter 3 style. It's too good.

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@Dagbiker said:

Keven Butler

As much as I want to agree with you, he would just be to goofy to fit in my opinion. They should have gotten him to be the announcer though.

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My list is way better, cause it has Raziel and Klonoa.

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Kazuma Kiryu is dead on perfect for the game in my opinion. He even already has Supers in the form of Heat Actions, and it'd be great to have a brawler that wasn't from Tekken.

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@RockmanBionics said:

My list is way better, cause it has Raziel and Klonoa.

Actually from your list both Raziel and and Tomba would be awesome additions. Although I don't know of anyone that would consider Klonoa a mascot, most Namco employees probably don't even know who he is.

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Selvaria Bles is all I want added.

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Selvaria Bles is all I want added.

*Has Mission 7 flashbacks.*

*Cries openly.*

She'd destroy everything!

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