Favorite beta character?

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#2 Posted by DarthOrange (3932 posts) -

I have personally been dominating with Sweet Tooth in both FFA and 2v2. That dynamite kick is amazing, as is his level three. However, his level two feels too slow and clumsy for my taste. After that my best luck has been with Radec.  

Who have you peeps been using/ preferring? 
#3 Posted by SamFo (1571 posts) -

Parappa is my fave.

#4 Posted by RE_Player1 (7536 posts) -

Parappa. I tend to go for fast characters in fighting games.

#5 Posted by TBird13 (106 posts) -

Kratos. I really like the way that they've incorporated elements of how he controls in his own games into this. I like that square square triangle does the same combo in this as it usually does, and I like that they've retained the way he jumps up if you hold the attack button on that one launcher move.

#6 Posted by FluxWaveZ (19417 posts) -

Radec. Staying away from the action and annoying people with keepaway seems to be my style.

#7 Posted by dbz1995 (4790 posts) -

As a first off, the game feels so awesome. Secondly, Radec.

#8 Posted by Spoonman671 (4871 posts) -

I barely played any of the game, but I thought Fat Princess has some serious potential.

#9 Posted by Berserker976 (409 posts) -

Fat Princess.

There are few things more satisfying than beating three blade-chain wielding demigods with a cute princess that loves cake.

#10 Posted by TurboMan (7860 posts) -

I've had the most success with Radec

I love playing Sweet Tooth

Parappa is my #3

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I've been mostly playing as sweet tooth, though I really have yet to explore the other characters a lot, which I should probably do soon. Love trying to aim the dynamite kick to hit other players on the explosion, it can make his level one super devastating.

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I've been playing as Sly, though I made that decision after only trying all the characters once. Sweet Tooth seems cool as well though.

#13 Posted by Hizang (8532 posts) -

Radec seems to be the best character due to his array of weapons, but Sly Cooper has that invisibility thing that makes him a cut above the rest in my book.

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Radec. I think it's his triangle (the sniper, I think it's triange) that really annoys people.

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@Hizang said:

but Sly Cooper has that invisibility thing that makes him a cut above the rest in my book.

He also has the most OP lvl 3. I can't stand it when people in FFA leave him alone and I'm the only one trying to throw him so that he loses AP. Once he activates it, it's all over.

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Kratos for just beating on people. Sly for turning FFA into a stealth game. Those are definitely the two, wih Kratos being far and away my main in the beta. Both also happen to be good for harassing spammer Radecs. I've seen some brutal Sweet Tooths though. Would've liked to give him some more time, but he'll have to wait his turn once I get the full game. As with the Smash games, I'm looking to get a handle of each character. I just hope the single player isn't JUST the arcade ladder mode. I spent an insane amount of time in slow mo training in Smash, and it just might just have been my favorite thing to do in them all.

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So I haven't really been following this game a whole lot but which characters have games that are only exclusive to Sony? I remember hearing a few months back about this game and when I thought of characters I could only name about four, Spyro, Crash Bandicoot, Nathan Drake, and Kratos.

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