Huge balance patch

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I still play all the time, and I am PUMPED about Drakes barrel getting nerfed. None of my regulars have changed all that much so I' not going to need to change how I play all that much witch is nice.

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Who do you play? I'm usually rocking good Cole so it doesn't seem like I will need to change things up too much.

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I'm looking forward to picking it up again when the patch releases, it was a bit frustrating beforehand when everyone opted to play the same five characters just to have an inherent upper hand. It looks like cutting the ties with SuperBot didn't lead to the game being abandoned completely.

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@darthorange: I don't have anyone that I would call a main but I flip between Kat, Radec, Good Cole and Raiden most of the time. Curious to see how much more punishable Raidens air moves will be.

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