So... anyone get into the beta?

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Beta invitations are being sent to random PSN users (I believe they're specifically PS+ members, but I could be wrong). Also, it's possible to participate in the PSASBR Beta by creating a Hong Kong PSN account, buying a PS+ sub with that account and then downloading the beta from the HK PSN store. Furthermore, yesterday people had the chance to win one among two beta keys by fulfilling SuperBot Facebook requests.

Response is generally positive from people who are actually playing the game, so I'd like to try it out for myself. No word on a North American or Europe beta yet, though I'm assuming we'll hear something sooner than later by the amount of people getting in. Might just make that Hong Kong account if I'm feeling crazy.

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SuperBot gives out codes occasionally on Twitter, but I can be patient, if Hong Kong PS+ subscribers are getting I'm sure it'll roll out to the rest of us as well. This rolling beta access usually happens with all major titles that emphasize on multiplayer.

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Not yet, it sucks because I got one for LBP Karting but I really wanted one for this.

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I never even knew there was a beta. I want in on that. Any idea how long it will last?

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If you go on the official forums and ask for one, one of the devs will PM you a code, that's how I got mine.

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@Cyrisaurus said:

If you go on the official forums and ask for one, one of the devs will PM you a code, that's how I got mine.


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Seriously, it's that simple. The dev will ask you for your name/email/PSN. They are using an alt PSN account so that they don't get their PM inbox spammed and filled up with requests.

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Public beta's going to be released in "the fall", which is probably in September since the game comes out in October.

#9 Posted by Sackmanjones (5217 posts) -

I got the LBPK one and that... Well that's kinda lame in my opinion

#10 Posted by ImmortalSaiyan (4748 posts) -

@FluxWaveZ said:

Public beta's going to be released in "the fall", which is probably in September since the game comes out in October.

I'm glad there is a public beta. Will give me a chance to see If I like it because I doubt there will be a demo.

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It appears there is a second wave of beta invites, because I just got one today.

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Just got mine today. It's a super barebones beta right now (select a character and press start) but man is it fun! The levels are insane and there's so much going on. Can't wait for the full version.

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Fantastic. This method of handing out the beta piecemeal is really great. Really.

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I got an invite and I'm not a PS+ member so yes they are random , haven't play the game yet I might try it later tomorrow.

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I got into it... I don't like it.... it has zero of the magic super smash brothers ever had, and that's coming from someone who isn't that into super smash bros. i don't know, i'm just not having fun with it, it's like I missing something.

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I randomly got this. Have shown no interest in it in any way (so I'm guessing it's cause I'm a PS+ member), but I'm downloading it so I'll check it out, if anything because someone that used to work at Q-Games (the pixeljunk people) is working on it.

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I got it, it seems alright, but i'm not really feeling is as of now.

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dam im ps+ and still waiting to get in

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It's definetively a Beta freezes and all , the game itself is ok there's some stuff I don't care for like some stages (Jak stage) has non-bottomless pits but you don't have any sort of Up+B move like in Smash to get back to the main platform , nor do I like the camera position some of the stages aren't even that big and the camera is just way to far back (maybe that's because the Beta is online MP only, wich is not the ideal style of play for that kind of game).

Other than that I can see the game to be kinda fun if playing local multiplayer only but there's something about it that doesn't feel right there's less randomness wich is what makes the Smash games so fun in the first place, seems to be more geared towards skill and competitive play all of you "no items final destination , Fox only" crazies will feel right at home rather than " I'm just trying to survive! ... I won by the skin of my teeth" vibe Super Smash has.

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