So are there cutscenes after every fight in story mode?

#1 Posted by Sor_Eddie (182 posts) -

Or only at the beginning and end? That's one of the biggest things I wanted to know that the QL unfortunately ignored. Well, that, and what the "Extras" menu contains.

#2 Posted by rolanthas (257 posts) -

just at the beginning and end. There's also an ingame cutscene before the boss fight, where every character faces their "nemesis" from the roster , so to speak.

#3 Posted by Sor_Eddie (182 posts) -

Aw, that's unfortunate. I really would have liked a bigger focus on the crossover story, since seeing all these characters interacting together was a major appeal for me. Kinda wish there was a more in-depth story mode, like Konquest from Mortal Kombat: Deception, or the obvious comparison of Subspace Emissary.

#4 Posted by rolanthas (257 posts) -

Oh no, it's nowhere near subspace emissary / konquest I'm afraid. Wasted opportunity on that front a bit. And the still image prologue / epilogue's are a bit disappointing. The animated scenes before rival / nemesis fights are generally funny though.

Extras section contains character bios and EULA btw, nothing fancy.

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