Who would be on Microsoft's Roster if they did this?

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Reading this thread has got me stoked on this game that doesn't exist.

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Baldur from Too Human. He'd have the worst animations and whenever he gets defeated he is out of commision for 30 seconds

The Agent from Crackdown, he could get stronger and move faster and jump higher periodically throughout the match (as in halfway through a timed match his skills are all at halfway)

Can you imagine a PC smash bros?

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@I_Stay_Puft said:

@Pudge said:

Steve Balmer

Bill Gates & Jay Allard?

Together. As a trio. Like Ice Climbers.

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If Microsoft does this, I would hope for a random character from Call of Duty. Price and Makarov or something dumb like that, just because Activision does seem amendable to deals of that sort (and the ./popcorn factor).

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This needs a character from Fusion Frenzy!

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@Peanut said:

You guys are missing the best characters. Where's "Hard-Ass Dude in a Ball Cage" from Fusion Frenzy? How about the little robot from Tinker? Sneakers? Skateboard with Googly Eyes? Microsoft also has an entire line of failed fighting game properties to cull from! Tao Feng, Kung Fu Chaos, that Tekken rip-off with the weird name that I can't remember anything about except that there was a bald black dude with glowing tattoos on the cover.

But seriously, their XBLA catalog alone has some pretty stupid awesome opportunities for weird characters. You could put in ilomilo as a Ice Climbers style tag-team, a group of Keflings and a giant ala Olimar and his Pikmin. Gomez, Dust, Mark of the Ninja...ninja, There's a ton of neat ideas there without counting the obvious stuff. Happy Action Theater level where shit is just going crazy all the time, or fight it out in an abandoned Game Room.

Fuck. Now I want this to be a reality.

Kakuto Chojin. Also, I'm pretty sure, one of only two games on Xbox platforms that got recalled. The other was The Guy Game (for unintentionally featuring an underaged girl topless). Kakuto Chojin was recalled/had all copies destroyed because after it was released, MS was notified that some of the background music had lyrics from the Koran, and muslims found it offensive.

Xbox box art (cropped)

My personal list would be Marcus Fenix, Master Chief, Arbiter, Blinx, Voodoo Vince, the dude from Phantom Dust, Johnny Gat, Ryu Hayabusa (also probably Kasumi), the main characters from Gun Valkyrie, Panzer Dragoon Orta, Ilo and Milo (as one character), and as a hidden character, the triangle from Geometry Wars. Obviously a bunch more, too.

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Also we need a dragon thing from panzer dragoon orta.

  • A car from forza motorsport.
  • The DJ from burnout 3.
  • Mechassault robot.
  • The steel batallion controller.
  • Peter Molyneux
  • Conker from conker live and reloaded
  • Oddworld strangers wrath thing
  • Leisure suit larry
  • Azurik
  • Sam fishers goggles
  • Toe jam and earl
  • Voodoo Vince
  • Vin Diesel
  • Alma from FEAR
  • HK-47
  • The HD DVD Player

Finally The Burger King

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If I couldn't play as 343 Guilty Spark I'd be incredibly disappointed.

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Anybody say Standard Military Guy for Call of Duty?

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