I bought a PS4 camera today

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It's tiny, so much smaller than I was expecting

the base is fairly interesting, looks like it will be easy to hang on a flat screen tv

It doesn't look like the camera will move very much, it's far too close to the base to rotate more than a few degrees

The back of the box is fairly funny/informative, looks like this will have a lot more uses than I was lead to believe, voice control, face recognition, movement tracking, if it works, it's a steal for $59.99

Some more pics to compare it size wise with kinect

It's actually perfect on top of the tv, the leg and the base directly under the camera is grippy rubber, once you set it on it won't be going anywhere.

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I really hope the killzone with camera and 2nd controller bundle becomes a standard thing to buy after its released. Cant seem to find it anywhere except a few small places it will pop up for a day or 2 and sell out

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That's way smaller than I thought it would be. I might get one at some point if I see enough practical implementations made for it.

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I was expecting that to be kinect sized.

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Wow that's small. I'll get it down the line sometime after I get a PS4. So it comes with the stand? That's pretty good if it does.

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That looks a lot more Kinecty than I was imagining.

Nice PS3 background by the way.

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Is that the only camera for the ps4? Is it also the move or is it just an upgraded eye?

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@schreiberty: it's the only camera as far as I'm aware, it's what you will use with the move controller/lightbars on the dualshock4 controllers.

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I hope you spoke with your lawyer

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