Does anyone here use Playstation Home?

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#1 Posted by Sweep (8928 posts) -
#2 Posted by Sweep (8928 posts) -

I guess only the votes of the PS3 users really count, but ever since this thing launched the general feedback has been poor. When I first heard about it I was kind of jealous and wished there was something similar on the 360. But does anyone actually use Home? Has new stuff been added to it since launch? Is there any point to it's existence?

#3 Posted by JJWeatherman (14560 posts) -

I used it once at my friends house. But after wandering around being a dick to internet people for a couple hours, I have never felt any need to play it again.

#4 Posted by Apathylad (3067 posts) -

Not regularly. I did jump on a couple of times to watch The Tester though. It's a silly concept for a show that feels like it has little to do with gaming, but I do get a couple of laughs out of it.

#5 Posted by Hitchenson (4682 posts) -

I used it once around launch, didn't see the point in it and deleted it from my HDD.

#6 Posted by Vager (1654 posts) -

Never installed it.
#7 Posted by TheSeductiveMoose (3625 posts) -


#8 Posted by DanceDanceKennypants (632 posts) -

Yes! which I mean no.

#9 Posted by get2sammyb (6412 posts) -

It's got so much better recently, but the heart of it is pretty much the same. I think the initial impressions really hurt it, but I don't know another way they could have rolled it out.
Regardless, everytime I go on it's pretty busy, so it seems like some people use it. If it's serving its purpose then that's fine. I've always believed in a console just having as many options as possible for free -- 'cos even if you never use them (I've never used Folding@Home for example, and won't use the 3D stuff) at least they are there in case you change your mind.

#10 Posted by VicRattlehead (1399 posts) -

i jump into it the odd time... if i unlock something in a game id go see what it is

#11 Posted by Pazy (2592 posts) -

I have it installed and used it last night when some of my friends invited to be play Bowling. Im not sure why they were on it because they dont really like it though. Ive only been on twice before though, once when some sort of tank shooter came out and when I first got a PS3 to try it.

#12 Posted by TheMustacheHero (6655 posts) -

It's pointless. Anyone who does go on it just tries to go on there and hit on woman avatars who are actually men trolling them for the lulz.

#13 Posted by Beforet (2931 posts) -

I sometimes chose it by accident when I'm going to the store. Does that count?

#14 Posted by SJSchmidt93 (4896 posts) -

It's not even installed.

#15 Posted by Pessh (2459 posts) -


#16 Posted by wefwefasdf (6729 posts) -

I installed it about a week ago with a friend just to make fun of it. There isn't anything to do...

#17 Posted by Tactical_Kill (1695 posts) -

I've used it before in the past but got kinda bored with it. I think I still have it installed.

#18 Posted by MonkeyGekko (278 posts) -

God no.

#19 Posted by Chirag4 (585 posts) -

I honestly see absolutely no reason to use it.

#20 Posted by Alphiehyr (1083 posts) -

It's a piece of crap.

#21 Posted by ArclightBorealis (1563 posts) -

phht. No. Piece of crap. Haven't touched it since December 08.

#22 Posted by Warfare (1641 posts) -

 Ni madre.

#23 Posted by jNerd (2017 posts) -

Absolutley not!!!

#24 Posted by EvilTwin (3324 posts) -

I never installed it.  So, I can't speak to its quality, but I can speak to my interest level in it.  Non-existent.

#25 Posted by mubress (1517 posts) -

Hell no.
I played a game of virtual pool in it when it was first released. That's it.

#26 Posted by TurboMan (7634 posts) -

I used it up till headset was cut off.... I couldn't grief with teenagers anymore :(

#27 Posted by JJOR64 (19025 posts) -

Nope.  I really should delete it off my hard drive.

#28 Posted by agentboolen (1815 posts) -

Wow sounds like a lot of Sony money wasted good job Sony    =)
Now lets see if Xbox's gamer room will be just like this....  My guess after trying it is a big fat "YES".

#29 Posted by eskimo (478 posts) -

It takes to long to download everything. I dont want to have to wait 5 minutes while wasting my download quota just to see a bunch of Sony ads.

#30 Posted by Sweep (8928 posts) -

Don't you get a sweet trophy cabinet?

#31 Posted by i69edUrGpa (586 posts) -

Used it for 10 minutes at launch and am yet to return

#32 Posted by habster3 (3600 posts) -

Never. I think it the concept is stupid; I definitely don't want to play it after the A. reviews and B. the Game Infarcer thing.

#33 Posted by habster3 (3600 posts) -

P.S. Sorry for that terrible typo; I can't edit anything due to a glitch in the GB system.

#34 Posted by damnboyadvance (4061 posts) -

Nope. It's fun to interact with others, but that's about the only good that comes out of it.

#35 Posted by Dimsey (962 posts) -

I don't use it, it uses me... :(
Seriously, not really. Every so often I'll pop in and go "Hey! This still isn't very good..." and then go back to doing something y'know, fun.

#36 Posted by DaemonicGrim (184 posts) -

I've used it once in a while but Rob tends to check it out at least once a week and with his ability to genuinely grind through games to find the cool stuff he nearly always comes out with some good thing about it. The fact that it takes someone like him to find it makes it a bit less appealing to the common folk like myself. Anywho, you can try it out next time you hijack my PS3 Sweep.... aren't you coming to play heavy rain soon?

#37 Posted by Marz (5659 posts) -

Kind of sad, Home had alot of potential but just failed miserably.  I would have been satisfied with more avatar icons for my PSN ID.

#38 Posted by Alex_Murphy (1184 posts) -
@TheMustacheHero said:
" It's pointless. Anyone who does go on it just tries to go on there and hit on woman avatars who are actually men trolling them for the lulz. "
Yea pretty much. When it first came out I made a hot girl and people would hit on me and invite me back to their place where I would change my avatar into a hideous deformed person and watch them disconnect. That was fun for about 2 days. I haven't been back.
#39 Posted by Red12b (9084 posts) -
@Hitchenson said:
" I used it once around launch, didn't see the point in it and deleted it from my HDD. "
I am not into these types of social interactive, "worlds?" 
But yeah, that is what I did, didn't see the point of the thing.
#40 Posted by TheNemesis274 (12 posts) -

The Playstation Home is not that bad in my personal opinion. Though I do have to admit, I do not like to buy stuff for customizing my personal space. I would rather spend it on buying DLC! That is unless, they got some decent attire that would make me look cool but that is definitlely a one time deal for me. Though I could get free stuff if I either win their contest, or should I play a certain game and receive an unlocked reward! 
As for the social gatherings involved there. I do not mingle with them all that much. Though I do play chess withothers if I am feeling a bit bored with playing a game on a disc or something.

#41 Posted by lead_farmer (1041 posts) -

kinda pointless

#42 Posted by Ravenousrattler (1417 posts) -

i jump in every now and then to pickup new free stuff for my guy, and his apartment. Not too much to do though, so i don't hang around to long, or someone will start sniffing your ass and call you a loser

#43 Posted by arab_prince (2053 posts) -

I've never tried it. is it worth the time?

#44 Posted by EliasT (671 posts) -

Dude, last time I went on there, that place is FUCKED UP. Seriously, there were gay dudes having a cybersex chat right in the middle of the area I was in, I was like "Fuck dude, this place is creepy" and then I was immediately asked where I'm from. That place is a horrible shithole.
#45 Posted by ProfessorEss (7451 posts) -


#46 Posted by Winterblink (34 posts) -

@arab_prince: Some of the gamespaces are interesting, but the common Home areas are a circus.

#47 Posted by Zero_ (1976 posts) -

I just bought a PS3 last week and installed Home. It was pretty fun for a while, I made a girl - but the dog ugliest girl and had some funny er... interaction with people. I'll probably come back every now and then... for about 2 more weeks.

#48 Posted by AlwaysAngry (2924 posts) -
@TheMustacheHero said:
" It's pointless. Anyone who does go on it just tries to go on there and hit on woman avatars who are actually men trolling them for the lulz. "
Thanks for the idea... 
I mean uh... 
No, never.
#49 Posted by RoujinX (419 posts) -

Most of the users on Giant Bomb are XBox owners, so it's a loaded question.
#50 Posted by Scrumdidlyumptious (1641 posts) -

I use it occasionally for a game of chess, since there will almost always be an opponent for me. I haven't really used anything else on it. I like how ugly you can make your character though. Mine's a fat old freckly man with a receding chin, big nose, and a pink afro in sweatpants and a pink wife beater.

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