Hard to imagine, but Home actually got worse

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Despite the many hours I have spent using the service, I have no illusions that Playstation Home is just slightly better than absolutely terrible.  The quality of entertainment, the loading times, and the community are all sub-standard, but I did enjoy something about winning different articles of clothing for my guy by playing different weird minigames based loosely on different video games.  For the last few weeks though, the service has frozen every time I tried to start it, which wasn't really a big deal since that just prompted me to stop being a lazy asshole and actually put a game in the drive.  However, I logged back on after the recent update (supposedly meant to fix freezing issues) to find that nearly all the clothing I've earned had been deleted.  Not only that, but it seems that I can't earn any of it back (although other people can who haven't won it yet).  Has this happened to anyone else?  Either way, I think I'm officially done with Home.

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