how is home?

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havent bin on there since it came out is it worth goin to now?
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If you want your asshole licked and then filled with Lemonheads, absolutely. 
EDIT: We are talking about Gerstmann's home, right?
#3 Posted by rasko9 (97 posts) -
wtf hahah 
naw im talking about ps home
#4 Posted by BiffMcBlumpkin (3808 posts) -

I didn't hit the bottom of this thread but I did beat the Hell out of the sides, so it' not all bad.
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From what I've heard Playstation Home is still just a waste of time.

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They have some cool stuff going on with different games, competitions and so on. 
It's way better than when it came out that's for sure. 
People are hating it because they were hyped for something they thought, dumb as they are, was supposed to be an MMO instead of what it was promised to be. 
A 3D community chat with cool E3 shows and other stuff in that vein. The E3 stuff they did was really well done

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@ZeForgotten said:
People are hating it because they were hyped for something they thought, dumb as they are, was supposed to be an MMO instead of what it was promised to be.
Actually I think most people hate it is because of the ridiculous long loading times. Transitions between rooms require loading, every two weeks you basically have to download each room again, thanks to updates, and all that mess. I wouldn't mind Home as a community chat, quite the opposite, but when it takes 10min to start the damn thing up its just useless as chat where you want to hop in check news, talk a bit and get out again.
Also wasn't one of the original ideas of home that you could use it as a game lobby? Meet there, talk a bit, then jump right into a game? Thats not fun if it takes longer to start Home then to play the game, for that to be successful Home would need to be basically as fast as the XMB, but its lightyears away from that (and even the XMB is slugish slow with loading its icons).
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It was alright when it had poker, but the EA sports complex was taken down for maintenance and never put back up (supposedly over contract disputes between EA and Sony over server hosting). As it stands now it takes too long to load anything and what does load isn't very interesting for long.

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Should be real interesting in a week. 
I will not know though.
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I hear home is sweet.

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 Ugh. What embarrassing waste of resources Home is/was. Ill conceived from the get-go but Sony has to keep it going, or else admit they wasted their efforts on a boondoggle.
Forgetting the social & lifestyle stuff (which admittedly isn't for me), I could get behind it if it was some kind of easy, breezy way of navigating content in polygonal space. Yeah, it's still completely pointless, but I might use it occasionally if was done like Fable 3. It's integrated & pops-up with the push of a button, almost no load time, clearly defined rooms, minimal walking around. Not saying Fable 3's navigation system isn't a dumb idea, but at least it's not a huge hassle.

Home's too slow, cumbersome & non-integrated for it to even serve as an alternative to dashboard navigation. So all we're left with is a big bulky chat room, in a world with a billion better avenues for socializing.

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Oh man, haven't been on Home in a loooong time. I only used it the first week when I got my PS3 and was waiting for my games to arrive. Haven't used it since then. But one thing I've noticed is the North American one has more "stuff", while the European one only gets something once in a while.

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Is it still in "beta"?

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I checked it out again for the Halloween event they had and was wondering why the hell it was taking so damn long to load, I was already in the lobby it's just the objects and people took like 5 minutes to load, ridiculous. 
Some of the events do look kind of neat though like the Killzone one going on right now.

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i only recently reinstalled it but only for that killzone 3 lobby mini game for my free 3 skill points playing that stupid game they made.  i haven't touched it since.

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I had forgotten all about home.   Is anyone honestly surprised that it's buggy and worthless?

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I just don't understand who or what the PS home is for. I fiddled with it once or twice to see if anything changed from when I first tried it... and no. It's still kinda ridiculous and dumb. 

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i haven't been on home since my friend got ps3. good times, me and my friend played poker at this godfather place. we stopped playing after a couple of minutes because it kept on playing the same video over and over. it was like "who are you i am the godfather, what are you going to do about it" it was something along those lines.

#19 Posted by ReapersPuppy (534 posts) -

its def a lot diff then when it first came out..I go threw random phases where I'll be addicted to it for like 1-2months & then not play it for like 5months
its something u play when your desperately bored! so if your bored & need something to entertain you then go for it..
 I do admit a lot of shit thats on it & that they have added to it has made it pretty cool but still not something you play
unless your extremely bored,occasionally it can be pretty fun but that depends on what type of ppl are on that day

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Jesus home, I remember Leigh Alexander was whining about how Sony was scammed to get it by the popularity about Second Life or something.  How did Jack Trenton not pull the plug on this thing by now.

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I should probably clean but it's still nice.

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It was so stupid that I went and purposefully deleted its data on my HDD. Even though I'm nowhere near its capacity.

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Its alright, kinda like the sims. 
I didn't play it long. 
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Don't bother, its still the same shit you saw when it first came out. Then again, i'm not a fan of these games.
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Last I saw of PS Home when I tried it, the thing was still looking like some beta project (even when they stopped calling it a beta) that's ill-concieved & just an overglorified chat room with avatars where you can spend money to decorate the avatars or virtual home for really no other reason than funneling your $ to Sony to continue it.

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Are you able to purchase "unicycles" yet? ...Or whatever the hell is in that gadgets shop, or whatever it's called?

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I "played" Playstation Home with a fellow Giant Bomber and we met Jesus and Satan while we were trying to get Yugioh advice in the Magic: The Gathering room.  We talk about this at 26:45 in here.

#29 Posted by Claude (16629 posts) -
@HS21 said:
" I "played" Playstation Home with a fellow Giant Bomber and we met Jesus and Satan while we were trying to get Yugioh advice in the Magic: The Gathering room.  We talk about this at 26:45 in here. "


it is a good story, you should check it out.

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