Possibilities for Home on the PS4?

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Hey guys, I was just thinking about some really cool stuff about how Home, or something like it, could be implemented into the PS4 when it comes out.

Imagine this, you turn on your PS4, and the console's logo pops on the screen for a few seconds. After that, instead of fading to an XMB or some other menu, you're dropped into Home. Your avatar is in a virtual beachfront house. if you press the PS button, your Avatar takes out a PDA-like device, and from here you can choose to launch a game, customize your character, play a movie. It would be like the XMB, except built into this virtual world.

Another cool idea would be having some sort of computer in this house, that you could sit down in front of, and this would launch the web browser.

Since Home would be built into the system from Day 1, Sony could mandate that trophies you earn in games would be required to have little statues you win from them, that you could display in your beach house's Trophy room, or elsewhere.

Also, if the PS Vita goes heavy on the download stuff, we could possibly see an in-Home version of the Vita, and you could launch Vita games on it, provided you have them saved to your PS4's HDD.

What do you guys think? cool ideas? or totally crazy?

I personally think it's a step forward for getting in to Virtual Reality.

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I think a tighter integration into Home or a Home-like service is a possibility having the PS4 launch into it would be incredibly unwieldy and most likely a turn-off for the majority of users. I would like a more tightly integrated service, where users can see my Home avatar on the XMB (Like the 360 dashboard) and have it available in certain games. More hooks going from games to Home (like rewards etc.) and vice versa would be great too, that's kind of in right now but it's under-utilised. Overall I just want a tighter, slicker, more integrated Home experience. It needs to be less of a "that thing weirdos use" and more of a service that enriches the XMB and PS3 games and allows users to participate in varying levels.

My main concern is that nothing from Home PS3 will carry over to Home PS4. It'll either be running the old engine and look highly out of place on a next-gen console or it'll be re-written and no longer be compatible with any of the stuff we bought (or our old stuff will look like crap).

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They will have it but I have a feeling the xmb will have your home character(sorta like xbox does now(also guessing he/she will look vastly different by ps4)) and then there will also be the seperate home space.

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If this was the menu system on any console, I would never own it unless it (the console) did some pretty insanely good thing like turn my house into a holodeck for example.

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XMB is good, Sony should stick to it.

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I like for my menus to be fast and easy to use. I don't like them loaded with stupid gimmicks. They can put Home into the PS4 if they want to, but I will most likely still continue to not give a damn about Home.

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If Home took 2 seconds to load into areas and stuff I would be on it more often. So for PS4 FIX THOSE GOD DAMN LOAD TIMES!!

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I like the ideas, and as much as I think they are cool, you will have the people who just want a fast, clean, and easy user interface and XMB (kind of) delivers that. To add all that extra gimmick to just launch a game will turn off some while enamoring others like me.

You have to remember, it's an entertainment console for a reason, people generally want to be entertained and not made to feel like it's some sort of virtual reality second life with all the hardships we face IRL.

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Here's my vision for Home on PS4:

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I mean... i'm not saying they should get rid of the XMB, but I just think it'd be cool if a faster loading version of Home was built into it... which is what I was kind of trying to get at in my original post.

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Use Home for the menus? Please no. I still get annoyed when games have rendered backgrounds behind the title menu that take an extra few seconds to load.

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It no longer existing.


@iAmJohn said:


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Because the key to a great user interface is to make it as clunky and cumbersome as possible.

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Why stop there? I say take it one step further. Have your Playstation Home avatar sit infront of a PS3 and have him control their Playstation Home avatar. It will basically be super virtual reality!

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