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PlayStation Mobile, formerly known as PlayStation Suite, is a software framework for Android and PlayStation Vita enabling compatible games and apps to be run on PlayStation Certified devices. Only devices from manufacturers who participate in Sony's hardware certification program are supported.

The full program launched October 3, 2012, however it initially debuted in a different form in April 2011, providing a selection of emulated PSOne titles for the Xperia Play cellphone. After the full launch, the PSOne titles are no longer available for purchase.

PlayStation Mobile Developer Program

On November 19, 2012, Sony launched the PlayStation Mobile (PSM) Developer Program, allowing anyone with a Sony Entertainment Network (SEN) account (in Japan, United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Australia) to register as a developer and download the PlayStation Mobile SDK and development assistant software for free. For $99 a year, developers can release as many games as they want for PlayStation Certified devices.

Controller Compatibility

Some certified devices are compatible with the DualShock 3 controller. The controller can be paired with the phone or tablet and used to directly control games.

Certified Devices

Sony, Sharp, HTC, Fujitsu, Wikipad, and Asus all participate in the PlayStation Certified program. These are the only supported devices at time of writing:

Sony Computer Entertainment

Sony Mobile Communications / Sony Ericsson

  • Tablet P
  • Tablet S
  • Xperia A (SO-04E)
  • Xperia acro HD IS12S/SO-03D
  • Xperia acro IS11S/SO-02C
  • Xperia acro S LT26w
  • Xperia arc SO-01C
  • Xperia AX SO-01E
  • Xperia GX (SO-04D)
  • Xperia ion (LT28at/LT28i/LT28h)
  • Xperia L (C2104/C2105)
  • Xperia M (C1904/C1905)
  • Xperia M dual (C2004/C2005)
  • Xperia NX (SO-02D)
  • Xperia PLAY (R800i/R800a/R800at/R800x/SO-01D)
  • Xperia S (LT26i)
  • Xperia SL (LT26ii)
  • Xperia SP (C5302/C5303/C5306)
  • Xperia SX (SO-05D)
  • Xperia T (LT30a/LT30p)
  • Xperia TL (LT30at)
  • Xperia TX (LT29i)
  • Xperia UL (SOL22)
  • Xperia V (LT25i)
  • Xperia VL (SOL21)
  • Xperia Z (C6602/C6603/C6606/SO-02E)
  • Xperia Z Ultra (C6802/C6806/C6833)
  • Xperia ZL (C6502/C6503/C6506)
  • Xperia ZR (C5502/C5503)
  • Xperia Tablet S
  • Xperia Tablet Z (SO-03E/SGP311/SGP312/SGP321/SGP331)


  • One X
  • One S
  • One V
  • One XL
  • Evo 4G LTE
  • One X+


  • AQUOS PHONE Xx SoftBank (106SH/203SH)
  • PANTONE 6 SoftBank (200SH)


  • ARROWS Tab F-05E


  • Wikipad 7


  • Transformer Pad

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