Check your e mail. Sony may be givin you some cash

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I just checked my email and apparently some kind of tax error occurred last year (strangely just before the nasty psn hack). Anyway they are refunding your money back on your account. Of course there is no exact date but it says they will get it by march 31st. Just wanted to let everyone about free money…kinda. Probably gonna save mine for some skyrim or me3 dlc

Dear Sony Entertainment Network account holder,

After performing routine system maintenance, Sony Entertainment Network sales tax records were mistakenly modified and some customer’s accounts were charged sales tax in error.

Between November 18, 2010, and April 11, 2011, one or more transactions originating from your account was charged sales tax in error. Correcting this, we will refund the errant charges back to your account in the amount of $9.24 via your Sony Entertainment Network wallet. This will appear in your transaction history as a one-time inclusive credit.

We are diligently working to correct this error and will have your account refunded by March 31, 2012. If you do not see the credit to your account by March 31, 2012, or if you have further questions please contact our customer service department at: 

here is the E-mail 

Found a couple sites about it and a forum on neogaf of plenty of people who have gotten their refund

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Probably had to spend some money in order to get a refund. Therefore, I don't think I'll expect an email regarding that from them.

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Hmm, I bought plenty things over PSN but have no email. Did you just get this today?

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Are you sure it's a an email from Sony...

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Sounds kinda like phishing scam to me, you did not enter your login details did you?

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Sounds phishy.

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No I didnt have to input any info in at all. It was just a notice. It had the new scen stuff too.

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Scam emails started going out not too long ago from the PSN hack. I wouldn't trust any of that shit.

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Pretty shitty scam email if it's not asking for info.

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Just send them your pin number, that's the only thing to do here.

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#11 Posted by Hector (3547 posts) -

Just post a picture of the email. No need to include names and what not.

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#12 Posted by rawrsair (836 posts) -

Sounds strange. *Wary eyes*

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guys I got a email about free PSN credit I just had to go log in my account through an attachment but all it said was "Thanks you for confirming your information". When do I get my free PSN credit?

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I have no idea if I bought anything during that time or not....I don't think I did.

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