Enough with the "PSN downloads/updates are slow"

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With the most recent bombcast discussion on the problematic download speeds and even around the forums over the years since the launch of the PSN, people seem to bitch and whine that it's "Sony's problem, not mine, my connection gets xx Mbs......"

NEWSFLASH! It's not Sony problem it's (probably) your ISP's DNS Server

What is DNS?

It's the telephone book for the computers and the internet, I point my browser to giantbomb.com my computer goes to

It's used to make the internet browse-able without having to remember long random addresses and is also used for load balancing, which I will be explain momentarily

How does DNS factor in the connection speed of your PSN downloads?

Without using DNS, the PS3 would have to be hardcoded to contact the SAME IP address as everyone else which is just unfeasible in this day in age of the millions of systems logging in at once

With DNS, the PS3 resolves (gets IP Addresses from the configured DNS server) PSN servers then connects to them. This includes the content/download servers.

To lay this out I need to first go over process downloading something from the PSN

When a download is about to take place the PS3 has to retrieve a IP address from the DNS server for hostname (human-readible address eg. zeus.dl.playstation.net) of the download servers.

ISP DNS servers are typically not as advanced or robust as Public DNS servers such as OpenDNS or Google DNS, mostly because they are not "location-sensitive" or load sensitive.

Being location and load sensitive is important and will affect speed and stability in a connection, take a look at screen cap below of the OpenDNS cache for one of PSN's Download servers

Notice each location reporting a different IP address for the server

Each DNS server farm for OpenDNS resolves to a different IP address then other location of which are location optimized

Now lets take a look at some ISP DNS servers

Notice the same IP address from different ISPs on opposite coasts

So lets breakdown the list here; Speakeasy in Texas, Verizon in Rhode Island and Cox in Arizona ALL point to the SAME IP addresses! That's a lot of users to point to 2 individual addresses

What to try?

First you need to pick a DNS server

my recommendations

OpenDNS is very reliable and has several server farms throughout the world

Google Public DNS

or find your own with this DNS Benchmark tool

Configure your PS3 to use OpenDNS or Google Public DNS Servers or any other DNS Server you want to use

It's easy and quick to change

Go to Settings on the XMB, select Network Settings and hit Internet Connection Settings

Click OK, then under 'Select a setting method', select Custom

Choose the type of connection you use.

For Wireless you will then enter the required information for connecting to the WLAN (Network Name and security)

For Wired, we have 'Select the operation mode of the network device.' hit Auto-Detect

Now for 'IP Address Setting,' hit Automatic

For 'Set the DHCP host name,' select Do Not Set

Under DNS Setting, hit Manual

Enter the DNS Server addresses for the DNS server of your choice. It must be exact to connect properly!

Hit Automatic for MTU

Hit Do Not Use for Proxy Server

Have UPnP enabled

Hit X to save network settings.

and Done

IMPORTANT: RESTART YOUR PS3 to completely clear out any previous DNS information

NOTE: If you don't see a improvement, try another a different DNS Server

If you don't see improvement after trying 2-3 different DNS servers you have routing issue caused by your internet service provider

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Are you serious with this bullshit?

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If this works, I'm in awe. I mean, what with not knowing anything about computers and technology past easily available interface stuff and stuff.

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@hwy_61 said:

Are you serious with this bullshit?

I believe he is...I'm also seriously closing this.

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