good 10$ psn games?

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so I've got about 10$ in my psn account and I'm not sure what to get with it. so anyone know of any good 10$ psn games?

if it helps any i like first and third person shooters, RPGs (JRPGs are fine too.) pretty much anything that isnt a stealth game(if it has a few stealth elements thats fine just so long as it isnt 100% all out stealth).

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JRPGs are fine too.

Final Fantasy VI, VII, VIII, or IX, Xenogears, is Suikoden on PSN?

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Vagrant Story, Final Fantasy IX, Castlevania: SOTN, Scott Pilgrim VS. The World

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Vagrant Story and Symphony of the Night are the best two, and probably the least aged out of the PS1 titles, with VS still having more advanced mechanics than any modern RPG and every sidescrolling platformer copying SotN as much as possible. The Final Fantasies are still playable but extremely time consuming and aside from the first "disc" of FFIX none of the storylines hold up at all. Xenogears is like 80 damn hours and just extraordinarily dry aside from the first 5-10 hours, probably aged the worst out of any nostalgia fueled JRPG.

God Hand is also up there, fairly interesting game but it's sort of a love it or hate it type of game.

Alternatively you can just sign up for PS+ for 3 months for like 18 bucks and get 10-15 free games, most of which are pretty good.

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@Fredchuckdave: i got ps+ last night and installed renegade ops, outland and downloaded the unlock for pac-man championship edition. but ive played outland a good bit on my bros 360 and renegade ops feels wrong to me im not used to that control style.

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@living4theday258: Ah, well Double Dragon Neon is excellent, you can get Tokyo Jungle for 12 now, though I wouldn't recommend that over some of the better PS1 games. KoFXIII is fun, Infamous 2 is excellent, Scott Pilgrim is supposed to be good (haven't played it yet), and almost all of these games have fantastic music for whatever strange reason.

Renegade Ops is okay, you sort of have to get used to circle strafing all the time; I don't really care for Dual Joystick shooters so its mostly the campy storyline and everything blowing up at all times that makes it fun.

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