PSN Down again?

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I have been trying to sign in to PSN all day and it isn't letting me, and i asked some of my friends and it's not working for them either, so could PSN be down again?

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Maintenance. It's been advertised for a while, was supposed to be earlier in the week but was postponed til today. I think it's supposed to be done in ~9 hours.

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@N7: What are you trying to achieve?

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Yeah, I remember scrolling past a blog headline on Kotaku saying it's down for 14 hours for maintenance. Still didn't stop me from trying to get in some Third Strike though, alas, it was not meant to be.

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@nintendoeats: I'm trying to find people gullible enough to go ":O" in their mind before they click the link.
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Anonymous hacks PSN for maintenance!

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@nintendoeats: trolls, and he's good at it.

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The thing I don't understand is why with regularly scheduled maintenance like this, they can't have a better error message when you try to log in. Right now I get "An error has occurred. You have been signed out of Playstation Network" - seems like "The Playstation Network is currently down for maintenance. The maintenance is expected to last until 2am Pacific" would be much better. That saves me having to Google whether it's a problem with my system or with PSN.

Genuine question - is there a reason that anyone knows of why they can't do that?

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@I_smell said:
Anonymous hacks PSN for maintenance!
Yes I'm going with this one.
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My problem is that when PSN in down then netflix and Hulu and any other external service offered.

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PSN hacks Anonymous!

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@nintendoeats said:

@N7: What are you trying to achieve?


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Dammit and I was about to play some ME3 multiplayer.

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@Phatmac said:


I go with that

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@iseemonsters: During normal maintenance i think they do have a message saying so, but it looks like the maintenance is more extensive then normal so that message is not coming up.

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@Lego_My_Eggo said:

@iseemonsters: During normal maintenance i think they do have a message saying so, but it looks like the maintenance is more extensive then normal so that message is not coming up.

Thanks! Despite owning a PS3 for over a year I guess I've just never tried to sign on when the system was down for maintenance!

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@Mordukai: Well, I'm not sure about Hulu but I know for a fact that Netflix still works. My internet can be shoddy sometimes, so my modem will lose connection and sign me out but I'm still able to watch Netflix.
And sometimes when I boot up the app, it doesn't even say anything, it just brings me right into my stuff. But if it won't let you sign in initially, just keep trying. After about three tries it should open up. It will let you in.
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@I_smell said:

Anonymous hacks PSN for maintenance!

I wish. Anybody else than Sony doing some improvements to how terribly slow and messy PSN is would be welcome. After that they could take a crack at how shit the 360 Dashboard has become too.

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@Beforet said:

PSN hacks Anonymous!


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Watch the official PlayStation twitter feed, they will say when the maintenance will be done. Supposed to take about 14 hours.

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I find it stupid that the Vita Facebook/FourSquare apps won't work without PSN. Not like I use em a ton anyway, but.... WHY?

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Is anyone still experiencing some weird behavior on PSN?

Online gaming seems ok, but if I try to get to the store or my account info, it keeps showing the "service under maintenance" prompt. It doesn't always shows up, and after a couple tries I was able to enter the store and even download some demo, but the popup kept showing up at times...

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I can't even buy Journey...

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is the psn down again I can't even play games

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I think so, I tried to play Garden Warfare on PS4 at 10am EST before I left the house and it wouldn't let me on. Tweeted Playstation but there's hasn't been any communications that I see. Pretty disappointing since that game is worthless without the network.

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Damn it. Playing Demon's Souls in offline mode is like reading by candle light. :(

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Unfortunately, they don't link the support page to their twitter account. AskPlaystation confirmed a DDoS, but the support page says PSN is online.

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I don't want to start a new topic for this, but I am trying to log in to PSN on the PS3 and it's been imposible for hours now - I can't get to the store website either. It says the site is not aviable and offers a link to a page with more info, which appearently does not exist! No mention of anything going on on the EU PS Blog, nothing on their twitter either..? What gives? We have all these information venues to keep customers up to date - lets use NONE of them, right, Sony?

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